Blinds are great. Whether you’re using them for privacy or looking to keep the sun out during the summer, there are endless benefits.

Even with these beneficial aspects, there is still a downside, though, and that would be that it attracts dust and debris.

Rather than stressing about keeping your blinds clean, we want to share three different methods that you can use to remove the dust from your blinds with ease.

1. Blind Duster

When it comes to cleaning quickly and efficiently, the blind duster probably takes the cake.

This tool allows you to clean two blind slats at once, and it saves you money in the long run because you can remove the cloth and wash in-between uses.

If you’re not sure how to use it, take the duster and start at the top. Place the three blades in between the slats, press down, and glide across the section.

Keep repeating these steps until you reach the bottom.

2. Microfiber Cloth And Water

If you’re not looking to go out and buy the blind duster, don’t worry because you can get your blinds just as clean with a microfiber cloth and water as well.

The process is the same as we mentioned above, but you will have to clean each slat individually while making sure your rag stays wet so that it continues to pick up the dust rather than knocking it to the floor.

3. Vacuum

The last option that we want to share is a vacuum.

Now you might be wondering how a vacuum could help you with dusting, but we promise that it can.

If you have a soft brush attachment for your hose, you can use this feature to clean your blinds without creating a mess.

Simply turn on your vacuum and start moving it across your blind slats.

Keep repeating the process until there is no more dust.

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