Did you know that you’re supposed to clean your washing machine?

I know that it might seem a bit odd because all it does is wash your clothes, but it’s true. The cleaning machine also needs to be cleaned from time to time.

According to the Spruce, we should be deep cleaning our washing machines at least once a month so that detergent residue doesn’t form and to prevent any bacteria from getting trapped.

When it comes to cleaning, though, people are leaning towards natural methods whenever possible.

That being said, we’re sharing three steps to clean your washing machine, naturally.

1. Baking Soda to The Rescue

To begin this process, you’ll want to grab two cups of baking soda and dump that directly into the base of the machine.

Before you press start, make sure the cycle is in these settings: large load, long, and use hot water.

Once you have everything all set, press start, and let it do its thing.

The reason why this step is important, is because the baking soda will help to scrub and remove any noticeable dirt before we move onto the disinfecting step.

2. Remove the Mold

After the first cycle is complete, measure out two cups of plain white vinegar and put it where you place your detergent.

Next, add ten drops of an essential oil like lavender to make it smell better.

Once you finish these steps, you’ll want to run another load with the same settings as the first step.

The main reason why you’d want to follow this step is that it is the one to clean your washing machine by helping to remove mildew, mold, and mildly disinfect, which is the reason why you’re reading this article.

3. Scrub the Exterior

Now that the inside of your washing machine is all clean, the exterior deserves a good cleaning as well.

Take a cotton cloth and dip it in an equal vinegar and water solution, then wipe down the sides and the front.

If you notice a spot that doesn’t come clean with the cloth, feel free to use a cleaning toothbrush to remove the grime.

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