The entryway is the first place that people see when they encounter your home.

In some situations, it might be the only space some people might see (think delivery people, neighbors stopping by for a cup of sugar, census workers, etc.).

Regardless of the context, you want to make sure that people get the right impression of your home – and as an extension, of yourself – from the very start.

So here are three ways to clean and organize this area before the next party or get-together, or unexpected visitor!

1. Pull Everything Out

The first step is to take everything out of this space so that you can start with a new canvas.

Once everything gets removed, put the items in similar groups. For example, place blankets with other blankets, books in one place, etc.

This allows you to find what you need when the time comes.

Next, you’ll want to wipe down any shelves, tables, baseboards and then vacuum or sweep to remove dust.

2. Designate Spaces

This tip is great if you have kids because it allows them to have an area to call their own. Here are some things that we recommend looking into having in your entryway.

The first one is sturdy hooks because they allow you to hang up jackets, bags and,  for kids, their backpacks after school.

Another idea is having “lockers.”  These create a space where every person in the family can put their belongings away after a long day to help reduce the clutter.

Then when you have company, each person cleans their own space of the entryway.

3. Create Your Own System

The last tip that we have is that there isn’t a one-size fits all or only one way to approach for organizing this space.

If this system doesn’t work for you or your family, find something that does.

We all have what works for us, and that’s okay.  However it’s important to always be able to look at your space with objective eyes and see when you have a mess or clutter and not get too comfortable that you become oblivious to eyesores.

Overall, determine what helps keep the space organized and clean and go from there.

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