Keeping your bedroom clean can be a challenge, especially with a busy life.

Maybe you’re in school, working, or just an overwhelmed parent, but it can sometimes feel impossible to stay on top of everything.

To help with that, here are four creative steps you can take to help keep your bedroom tidy.

1. Create Storage Under Your Bed

The area under your bed is a perfect storage area.

You can use baskets, drawers, or bins to store any non-essentials- allowing quick access while keeping them out of sight.

If your bed does not come with built-in drawers, consider re-purposing old dresser drawers.

To learn the step by step process, check out My Love To Create’s blog post showing you how.

2. Organize Your Drawers

Drawers are those spaces that often have items crammed and stuffed into the hilt, in a desperate bid to make everything fit.

However, by folding everything nicely and rearranging your shirts and pants horizontally, you can save a lot of space and store more items.

Another option is using a drawer divider for different items like socks, undergarments, belts, and undershirts.

3. Maximize Your Wall Space

Wall-mounted bookshelves are a great way to store your books or keepsakes that you don’t need right now but want to keep handy.

They also can add a modern touch to any room.

Besides the overall look, these wall-mounted bookshelves are becoming more popular because they provide the needed space for all of your favorite belongings without them taking up floor space.

4. Use Hanging Hooks

Whether you need a space for your scarves, hats, or jewelry,hanging hooks can help to save you valuable space while adding a stylish touch just like the wall mounted bookshelves.

Investing in a few of these can help to keep lots of items off your bedroom floor, dressing table, or even your bed!

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