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But if you want to DIY, here are some tips!

New Year is a time when people are most prone to make promises and set goals for the forthcoming year. Individuals aim to honor these promises and improve themselves or a particular habit in the spirit of the New Year. It is a suitable time to turn over a new leaf about the cleaning of one’s house too. The following tips may come handy for people who want to resolve to keep their home clean from the coming year. Taking assistance from service providers offering maids in Brooklyn Heights or maids in carol gardens or maids in park slope can help people to keep up with the resolutions.

  • Downsize & Donate – Donating unnecessary items such as any clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, electronics, books, or appliances that are of no use any longer can help others who are in need of it while helping to declutter the house simultaneously. Setting up a donation box or bin will allow the individual to collect all the items in an organized manner. Apart from this, individuals can clean out their refrigerators and bathroom countertops to get rid of the products and medicines that are past their expiry dates. This exercise will help to make room for new things and make the place look clean. Once this is done, individuals can contact firms that offer services like power washing in Brooklyn Heights or Brooklyn heights cleaning services to help with further cleaning.
  • Devise a plan for cleaning – The house has many areas that need to be cleaned. However, it may not be possible to cover all the areas at the same time. Thus, it is advisable that the person should make a cleaning plan or schedule. According to this plan, assigning a particular day of the week or choosing to clean a place after a weekly or monthly duration is very helpful. Cleaning specialists who offer help through maid service in Brooklyn Heights or as maids of carol gardens can work as per these plans for the convenience of the people who hire them.


  • Organize the house – Organizing the house can be a tiresome job. Nonetheless, it is a necessity. Boxes, baskets, and bins can be used to store items like books, magazines, toys, accessories, shoes, clothes, etc. Domestic help providers who offer maid service at park slope and other areas can also help the individual in this task. It also prevents people from wasting time in searching for any particular item all around the house if they know exactly where to find it.
  • Tidy the house nightly – Tidying up the house for a little while every night, ensures that the house does not become too dirty. It lowers the pressure of cleaning the entire place altogether. Washing and putting the dishes away, storing the dirty laundry in a bag, etc. are all ways to clean up little by little every day to avoid being stuck with a house that is in a complete mess.

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