In all likelihood, there isn’t a single day that goes by that something within your home isn’t out of its proper place. Unless you’re a superhero, of course.

When we have many items that are out of their allocated spaces, this can lead to clutter.

We all have busy lives, so don’t feel bad about having clutter sometimes – we all do. But, what causes our homes to get cluttered?

Here are five reasons why there’s clutter within your home and how to fix it.

1. You Are Not Sure How Long You Should Keep Items

Trying to figure out when is the right time to donate, shred, toss, keep or sell items within your home can be confusing at times.

On The Spruce, they discuss how to know what to keep and when to get rid of it.  They recommend asking the following questions as foundations for making your decision: “Do you love it?” “Do you have duplicates?” “Do you use it regularly?” and “Does it have an expiration date?”

2. There Isn’t an Established Home Organization Routine

Finding an organizational routine that works for you and your schedule can be tricky at first.

We recommend working on de-cluttering your home every day for at least 15-20 minutes a day.

In a previous blog post, we talked about cleaning tips for a busy life, so check that out to create the routine that fits your busy schedule.

3. Clutter Busters Are Not in Your Home

You might be wondering, “What are clutter busters?”

It’s simple – anything that can help organize. It can be folders, desk or drawer organizers, or something to hold multiple items on your coffee table (remote controls, tissue box, magazines, coasters).

The more of these you have, the easier it’ll be to keep clutter at bay.

4. More And More Shopping

We have all bought things that we didn’t necessarily need, especially when there are great deals like Holiday Deals.

After a while, all those purchases add up.

What can help prevent spontaneous purchases from happening is to ask yourself, “If I didn’t get this item today, could I live without it?”

If the answer is yes, put it back, and if the answer is no, then add it to your cart.

5. Sentimental Attachment to Items Within Your Home

There is nothing wrong with having a sentimental attachment to items that remind you of your childhood, or something that was a family member’s, etc.,

However, when it comes to things like postcards, sippy cups, and the like, you shouldn’t feel guilty about giving those things away.

Our recommendation is to keep items with HIGH sentimental value. These could be pictures, heirlooms, or anything that would cause you heartache if you got rid of them. Toss out everything else.

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