Having an organized pantry is the first step to making your day run smoother.

You might be questioning the benefits but hear us out. If your pantry is well laid out and organized, you can meal-plan and save money by not buying items you already have.

By being ahead with your meal planning, you’ll feel better prepared when you have to cook and not be as stressed.

Now, let’s get into the five steps you can take to organize your pantry.

1. Pull Everything Out of The Pantry

This first step might make you feel overwhelmed for the moment but stick with us.

To help you organize your pantry, you first have to pull out everything and place them on the counters. This helps you see everything you have and what you might need.

If the task as a whole feels too much, start with one shelf and repeat the steps until the pantry is complete.

2. Throw Out Expired Items

We’ve all been there, finding random items in the back of our food storage and trying to remember when we bought them.

You’ll want to toss items that are well past their due date to help with this process.

If you find unused items that you no longer want but are still good, donate them to your local food shelter.

In the meantime, to help make this process simpler, create three piles: throw away, keep, and donate.

Then you know what goes back into your pantry, what you’re throwing away, and what you’re giving to those in need.

3. Sort Your Items

Now that’s done, take a look at the items in your keep pile. You’ll want to sort the foods and place them with similar ingredients.

For example, putting all of the kinds of pasta together, beans, veggies, etc., so that you can easily see what you have and what you need to pick up.

4. Utilize Baskets, Bins, and Labels

We love incorporating baskets and mason jars into our organization techniques because it helps the space look better and better organized.

Mason jars are great for food items that aren’t resealable, and baskets can help keep your snacks or loose products together.

5. Restock and Put Back

The final step is to take a look at the items you need after throwing out expired food.

To help you do this, meal-plan for your week and make a list of what you still need.

When you’re out, grab a couple of extra pantry essentials that you frequently use throughout the week.

Once you are home, it’s time to place the baskets, the jars filled with the food, and the new items away.

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