With the summer coming to an end, it means it’s back to school, which can be stressful at times, but even more so now with COVID-19.

With that said, we wanted to share five tips for going back to school during the pandemic to help reduce feeling overwhelmed while keeping you and your family healthy.

1. Keep Your Hands Clean

Keeping your hands clean seems like a simple yet obvious tip, but it’s even more important for you and your family to practice good hygiene during this pandemic.

Washing with soap and warm water is the number one option for keeping your hands clean, but if that’s not an option, keeping a bottle of methanol-free hand sanitizer with you is the second-best option.

2. Get A Regular Sleep Schedule

During this pandemic, sleep schedules have gotten off, especially for students, so it’s important to help your child get back into a routine.

You can do this by incrementally pushing bedtime up by 20 minutes in August, or two weeks before school starts, to help ease the transition.

Also, focus on not watching TV or using electronics an hour before bed to help decrease the stimulation in the brain from the blue lights these devices emit.

3. Wash Your Face Masks

Now, did you know that if your family is using reusable face masks, that you’re supposed to wash them after each use?

Well, it’s true!

In an article, the CDC said the following: “Masks should be washed after every day of use and/or before being used again.”

Washing your masks after each use helps to keep you and your family healthy because it helps to reduce the spread of germs.

4. Regularly Disinfect Your Home

Schools are known as breeding grounds for germs, especially right now with COVID-19, so help prevent your family from getting sick by frequently disinfecting your home.

Wipe down commonly touched areas like doorknobs, tv remotes, sinks, counters, refrigerators, etc. to help prevent excess germs from floating around your home.

5. Schedule Self-Care

When life gets busy, it can be easy to forget to take time for yourself, but self-care is an essential coping skill to have regardless of the pandemic.

According to Psychology Today: “Self-care is always an important practice in maintaining balance—however, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in stress levels across the globe, which has emphasized the essentiality of self-care.”

Whether you take a hot bath, go for a walk, listen to music, etc., finding something that brings you peace and comfort is imperative.

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