Whether you’re moving out of state, or down the street, the to-do list can be stressful.

Especially when it comes to cleaning.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several things that you can do that can make the process as painless as possible.

To help get some of that stress off your shoulders, we share our five tips for move-out cleaning.

1. Organize Your Packing

When it comes to cleaning, everyone knows that it’s easier to get a deep clean when there are fewer items in the way.

Try to designate one room to store all the boxes till the moving truck comes.

That way, you can get a head start on cleaning the rest of the house, resulting in less work needed on the actual day of the move.

2. Remove Visible Dust and Cobwebs

Once your rooms are empty, target the walls and ceiling first by removing dust and cobwebs from the ceiling and corners.

If you don’t have a long-handled duster like a Swiffer, don’t worry, you can improvise also.

 You can tie an old shirt to your mop to create a makeshift “Swiffer.”

3. Wipe Your Walls Down

After you’ve removed any visible dust, it’s time to wipe down the walls.

If your wall coverings permit, we recommend taking a damp washcloth to clean the walls.

Focus on any scuff marks or dirty spots, and then tackle the rest of wall as a whole.

4. Clean Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Deep cleaning your kitchen and bathroom can be done earlier in the week when you have extra time to spare.

Then, do a quick once-over on the day you’re moving.

5. Save Sweeping and Mopping for Last

The reason why we recommend saving the sweeping and mopping for right before you’re leaving is that, more than likely, dirt will get tracked in during the process of moving your things out.

So, you don’t want to be sweeping and mopping those floors several times. 

Do it once, when all the stuff has been taken out.

This allows you to leave the floors sparkling clean as you leave. Whoever is moving in after you, will thank you for that!

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Moving is difficult, stressful, and doesn’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean your cleaning can’t.

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