Keeping your counters clean and organized is not always the easiest thing to accomplish consistently.

It’s all too easy to just dump any and  everything on those surfaces as you go about your day, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today we’ll be sharing our tips and tricks to keep your countertops clean and organized.

1. Pre-Clean Your Counters

When it comes to cleaning your counters, you might be wondering why a pre-clean is necessary, but you’ll be happy that you did.

By doing a pre-clean without a cleaning agent, you’ll be able to get off any crumbs or initial residue, to help ensure that your cleaning agents work unimpeded and your counters stay  sparkly clean.

2. Take Preventative Measures

Countertops can add personality and sophistication to your home, so take preventative measures to keep them looking new.

You can do this by not cutting food directly on the counter and not placing hot items right on those surfaces.

Investing in a cutting board, and holders and pads for hot items will help to protect your countertops from damage.

Wiping food splashes and spills immediately is also important so that the stains don’t sink in and become permanent.

3. Keep A Junk Bowl Nearby

You’ve probably thrown your keys or mail on your counter after a long day at work. We all have.

Choose to have a junk bowl in the corner instead. Then, at the end of the week, go through the pile and find a happy place for the items in there.

You’ll not only keep your counters free from clutter, but you’ll also know where to find everything.

4. Embrace containers for storage

You can use different types of containers or jars to store items that ordinarily would be taking up space on your counters.

Mason jars, for example,   are perfect for storing items like pasta, sugar, flour, candy, and even items like rubber bands or twist ties.

Overall, you can use these types of containers to keep your countertops looking neat and organized without having to take up too much additional space.

5. Keep Counters Clear

If you have a small counter, keep things off it by finding space elsewhere.

Some examples are hanging your paper towels or placing the water pitcher in the fridge, rather than placing them on your countertop.

You can also keep appliances in cabinets rather than having them sit out in the open.

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