Our pets bring endless joy and laughter into our homes. But trying to keep your home clean with them can often feel like a full-time job in itself.

If you’re in this boat, know that you’re not alone, and we understand the frustration, which is why we’re sharing everything you need to know to help keep your home sparkling, even with pets.

1. Don’t Skip Their Bath time

If you wouldn’t skip your shower, then you shouldn’t skip your pet’s bath either.

We recommend bathing them every few weeks or so to prevent them from smelling and transferring that to your home.

It’s important to note that if you wash them too often, you can strip their skin off the natural oils, which leads to dry skin.

Each dog is different, though, so find the schedule that works for yours and make sure to stick to it.

2. Invest In A Good Vacuum

To avoid the constant need to lint roll your clothes, we recommend investing in a good vacuum.

Now, this might seem like an obvious tip, but not all vacuums are the same, which is why we’re talking about it.

Without knowing your current needs, it can be difficult to tell you which vacuum would be perfect for you, so check out this article that helps you find the best vacuum cleaner for your particular situation.

And when you invest in a good vacuum for your household, you’ll be glad that you did!

3. Choose Furniture Wisely

Did you know that certain materials are fur magnets? Well, it’s sadly true.

Regardless of whether you’re actively searching for furniture or not, we want to share the ideal material that you’ll want to choose, and that is leather.

Pieces of leather furniture allow you to wipe and remove any dust, dirt, fur, or grime that might get on your couch with ease.

4. Control The Clutter

Our clutter isn’t the only thing that makes the home look messy. It’s also all of the toys that our pets leave lying around.

Keep one basket filled with toys, and if they don’t all fit, then you know it’s time to either throw away some or, if they’re still in good shape, donate it to a local shelter.

5. Brush Frequently

Finally, one of the main things that cause the most problems with keeping a home clean with pets –   that’s shedding.

Similarly, to bathing consistently, you want to make sure to brush them at least every few days so that you can help minimize the amount of fur falling off and landing on your floor.

And the benefit of frequent brushing is that it can lead to less work for you in the long run.

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