Getting your kids to join in the cleaning process can sometimes seem like an uphill task.  However, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

There are creative ways that you can incorporate your kids in those cleaning chores that makes it fun for them and also takes some of the load off your shoulders.

We share some of those tips here today.

1. Include Your Kids in The Process

When life gets busy, it can feel simpler to take charge of the cleaning because you feel like you can get it done quicker.

That could be true at the moment, but in the long term, it’s beneficial to have your kids be a part of the process from a young age.

2. Make It Fun

Regardless of your age, cleaning isn’t a fun experience for most people, especially younger kids, so make it exciting for them.

If your kid loves to dress up and role-play, encourage them to start their own cleaning company.

Get them an apron and rubber gloves and let them take charge.

In the end, you get to play the role of a happy customer.

3. Incorporate The “Color Game”

You might be wondering what the color game entails, and we promise that it won’t disappoint – your kids will love it.

Now, let’s use the playroom as an example. Most likely, your playroom is messy, but your kids aren’t in a hurry to clean it, so make it fun with the color game.

What you do is name a color (blue, red, green, yellow, etc.) and have them pick up any toys that have the assigned color.

You repeat as often as possible, till the entire space is cleaned up.

4. Make It A Competition

On the days with more cleaning to get done, assign a specific room to be cleaned from top to bottom.

Make it into a competition to help keep them interested.

And then as a prize,  for whoever finishes their cleaning assignment first (with it done thoroughly, of course), you can reward them with a treat.

5. Don’t Fix Their Work

When you assign a chore to your child and fix what they did, it sends a message to them that their work was not good enough.

It can make them feel discouraged and less likely to want to participate next time.

To help avoid this, have them focus on tasks that don’t need to be 100% perfect – this gives them the confidence to keep helping.

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