When it comes to keeping your home clean, organized, and free from clutter, it can be a difficult task at times.

To help with this problem we all face, especially when occupying smaller living spaces, we’d like to share our tips to help keep your home free from clutter.

1. Start with Clearing Your Counters

When it comes to your counters, you want to make sure to have them cleared off.  Keep only the essentials visible.

Rather than having appliances you haven’t used in months or even years taking up counter space, start by putting them away in cupboards.

Then take any scattered pieces of mail, or paper, and put them in a designated folder.

2. Work on One Spot at A Time

Faced with an entire room or house that’s overflowing with stuff, it can be hard to get motivated to start the de-cluttering process.

However, if you pick one spot at a time and focus on just that location, you won’t get too overwhelmed and abandon the project before you even start.

Whether you want to start in the living room, your bedroom, or another area in your home,  focusing on, and tackling, one discrete area at a time, will help you feel more accomplished and ready to take on the next area.

3. Pick Up 3 Things, And Find A Home for Them

Sometimes, even just deciding on a location to work on first can feel overwhelming.

So start by picking up three items and find a home for them.

What this does is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment, and that will get you motivated to keep working.

4. Create A Donation Box

While you’re cleaning, you might find yourself discovering items that you forgot you even owned.

Maybe that’s an item of clothing or some electronic device.   Whatever it might be, if you haven’t used it in a year, then it could be time to donate it.

Have a donation box on standby always. As you go through your days, simply toss in any such items, that have been gathering dust unused, that you come across.

Eventually, you’ll find that you that can create a lot of free space in your home, and at the right time, you’ll only be making one trip to take out items you want to donate.

5. Schedule Your De-cluttering Time

If you   regularly set aside a day or even a weekend to work on your home, it can help you make great progress towards getting your home the way that you want it to be.

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