Organizing and decluttering your home is the key to enjoying a happy and healthy life in your personal fortress. When stuff is lying around, it’s ruining your mood and making it harder to clean up.

Whether you hire a maid service in Dyker Heights or opt for a cleaning lady from Bensonhurst, you may be dissatisfied since not all corners can be reached due to clutter.

You may think you’ve already done your best to arrange all your stuff. But you must have made a few mistakes. Let’s take a look.

Overstuffing Kitchen Cabinets

You try to clear up the surfaces by stuffing the kitchen cabinets. Bad idea. The surfaces will look awesome, but you’ll spend too much time looking for the much-needed appliances. Meanwhile, pots and pans will be falling out of the drawers every time you open them, annoying the heck out of you.

Consider alternative ways to store your kitchen items. For example, if you use a coffee machine every morning, find a place for it on the surface. Don’t stick it inside a cabinet. If you have many pots and pans, place one into another and use a separate drawer for lids.

Not Installing a Closet in The Hallway

No matter how small your entryway is, you can fit a small closet there. You’ll immediately feel the difference. No more mess and clutter made out of shoes and coats. Meanwhile, you can install a mirror on the closet door.

If you have space problems, consider installing a shelf above the entrance door. You can use it to store things you don’t need too often, such as seasonal clothing/shoes. Experienced maids in Brooklyn advise keeping as many things on the shelves or hooks for easier cleaning.


Not Organizing Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers take up a huge amount of space in your kitchen drawers. While you can stick one into another, the lids are always lying around, making your space seem cluttered. A simple way out is to use an old CD rack to store the lids. Put one in a drawer and enjoy the neat changes.

Forgetting to Declutter

Before going on the next shopping trip, ask yourself if you have space to store new stuff. Most likely, you have many things you need to get rid of before buying something new.

Take some time to clear your home from unneeded items. You’ll be surprised to find out that you may already have the stuff you were about to buy. Meanwhile, you’ll clear up some space for new belongings.

Buying Too Many Plush Toys

Whether you have small kids or love plush toys yourself, buying too many is a big mistake. These toys are dust collectors, which take up too much space. Make an effort and get rid of the large plush toys in your home. Experts from maid services in Brooklyn can tell you a lot about the dangers of large dust collectors.

Having Too Many Open Bookshelves

House cleaning in Dyker Heights can turn into a disastrous endeavor if you display too many books out in the open. Dusting each one of them is a tedious workout. Consider installing book closets with glass doors. This way you can display your favorite books while keeping them as dust free as possible.


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