Moving into a new place can be both exciting and stressful.

However, a little planning ahead and organization can help to reduce some of that stress.

To take some of the worries out of the process for you, we’re sharing the top six things to consider before you officially move. 

1. Home Improvements

Unless you’re moving into a brand-new place, there will be home improvements that are necessary beforehand, and some that you’re not going to be in control of effecting once you arrive.

Speak with the previous owners or the property manager about these possible problems – bad plumbing, broken windows, broken furnaces, etc.

Getting these types of messy to-do items done first will help make your life easier in the moving process.

2. Transfer Your Utilities

Depending on the locations you’re moving from and to, utility companies can be timely about activating your water, gas, and electricity.

However, by connecting with them beforehand, you will ensure that your utilities are properly working before you settle into your new digs.

3. Put All Your Important Documents in One Binder

Do you remember the important documents that you get into maybe once every few years?

Well, it’s time to dig those out. Everything from birth certificates, social security cards, insurance policies, medical records, etc. should be in one place.

That way, you know exactly where they are when you need them.

4. Take Photos of Your Valuables

Moving your valuables can be nerve-racking, to say the least.

By taking precautions like taking photos, for instance, and documenting what exactly you own, you’ll have proof of original conditions should anything be damaged or go missing in the process of the move.  

5. Deep Clean

Often, before the sale of a home, it’s given a deep cleaning, but you will still want to take the time to clean it yourself  –  this helps to ensure that your new space is cleaned the way you like.

Life Storage Blog shared a great tip about deep cleaning your new home: “Pack a box of essentials and deliver that first to your new home. Fill it with cleaning supplies, paper towels, and toilet paper along with the other essentials you’ll need to make it through moving day (lots of snacks, a set of clean sheets so you can sleep after a long day of unpacking, etc.).”

Packing a box of essentials and putting it off to the side helps to take away any additional stressors during move-in day.

6. Take Time Off Work

Moving takes time and energy, so if you’re able to, try to take a week off work to help jumpstart the unpacking process. 

This will go a long way towards reducing your stress levels when you return to work.

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