Tired of cleaning up too often? Does your home look messy, no matter how hard you try? You might be making simple mistakes that are easy to fix. Diamond Maids professional cleaners will assist you with 7 unexpected ways to declutter your space and perfectly help organize your home.

Follow Diamond Maids’ 7 Unexpected Ways to Declutter Your Space.

Tension rods are a game-changer

They keep your cleaning supplies organized. Say goodbye to messy spray bottles by simply hanging a rod underneath your bathroom sink. This effortless solution will make a significant difference in your daily routine.

Running out of cabinet space?

No problem! Install towel racks inside your cabinet doors to keep your pot lids organized and easily accessible. You’ll be amazed at how much space this hack saves you.

Keep your beauty tools and knives in check with magnetic strips.

Installing these strips on your bathroom and kitchen walls will ensure everything is within reach. Plus, it’ll free up more space in your drawers for other items.

Get creative with your kitchen organization!

Hanging your utensils from the ceiling using long chains or hooks is a unique way to add character to your space while also decluttering your drawers. With these easy and effective solutions, house cleaning will be a breeze.


7 Unexpected Ways to Declutter Your Space For Easy Cleaning

If you’re looking to maximize your space …

Don’t sacrifice your countertop! Magnetic spice containers are a great investment. These containers can easily be attached to your fridge or magnetic strip, freeing up much-needed space and making cleaning a breeze.


Additionally, a simple shelf above your bathroom door is a great way to store items you don’t use frequently, such as towels and spare toiletries.

Cleaning Supply Storage

A shoe organizer is an excellent solution for those struggling to find storage for cleaning supplies. It may not fit boots or sneakers, but it’s the perfect size for spray bottles, soaps, and detergents. Once your home is organized, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to keep it that way effortlessly.


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