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The holiday season is right around the corner. The celebration is already in the air! The time has come to decorate your home, think about the holiday menu and imagine how much fun you’ll have during these wonderful days off. Stop. Before you dive into the sea of holiday dreams, get back to earth for one moment. In order to enjoy the holiday season in full, you have to enjoy the Christmas cleanup first.

What a bummer. No one wants to do the cleaning right? Perhaps only maids in NYC are happy about the upcoming cleanup. Whether you want to hire a maid service in Brooklyn or do the cleaning on your own, the below tips and tricks can help you take the pre-holiday cleaning in stride.

Make Brooklyn Maids Jealous: 4 Tips for Simple Holiday Cleaning


1- Close Your Eyes and Take a Dive

The first thing you have to do is get rid of the clutter. Take a big box and make a run around the house tossing everything you don’t need for the holiday decor inside. Don’t worry, you won’t be throwing it in the garbage, just putting the stuff away for the holidays.

Set a goal for yourself. At least 15 things must be removed from the room. Get your kids involved. They’ll love the game. A quick clutter-removing effort is often the most useful thing you can do for a holiday cleanup.

2- Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

No, we are not talking about Easter. Save yourself some time and nerves by breaking the cleaning down into several stages. Unless you are planning to order a maid service in Dyker Heights or hire a cleaning service in Brooklyn, you just won’t be able to manage the whole cleanup in one day.

Don’t leave anything for the last minute. In fact, when there are several weeks left before Christmas, you can dedicate one week to each room. By the time the holiday comes, your house will be sparkling clean with the least effort. How hard is it to clean one room in one week? Easy as pie!

3- Maintain The Order

If you take advantage of our previous advice, the hardest part is maintaining the order, especially if you have small children. Allow yourself five minutes per day to put things back where they belong in each room. If one of the rooms is already clean and ready for the holidays, keeping it this way is a lot of fun. In fact, such an approach can help you maintain a clean house all year round! Remember, it’s much easier to maintain for 5 minutes a day than to clean once a month for hours.

4- Hire A Professional

If there is no way for you to do the holiday cleaning on your own, think about hiring a professional. After all, some of us are just so busy, especially around the holiday season. There are many different maid services in NYC that can substantially simplify your pre-holiday rush.

Be it post-construction cleaning in Brooklyn (some people hurry to finish all the construction work before the New Year) or just a simple Christmas cleanup, it’s always nice to have someone else do the job.

No matter how you manage to complete your pre-holiday cleanup, always reward yourself. Cleaning is a tough job and it should be rewarded!


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