Tired of cleaning up too often? Does your home seem to look untidy no matter how hard you try? You might be making simple mistakes, which are easy to fix. Before you run to order a maid service in Brooklyn, try to organize your things in the most efficient manner. These tips can help you do it today.

Use Tension Rods

Tensions rods are a wonderful way to organize your cleaning supplies. Hang one under the bathroom sink. You’ll forget about the spray bottles toppling over and causing a mess in your bathroom.

Use Towel Racks To Store Lids

If you are always at a loss as to what to do with pot lids that seem to slide out of all the cupboards and drawers, making a clanking sound, this tip is for you. Install towel racks on the inside part of the cabinet doors and hang the lids on them. You’ll be surprised how much more organized your cabinets will be.

Magnet Helpers

If you ask the most experienced maid in Brooklyn, they are bound to tell you that magnets do wonders for keeping your home organized. All you have to do is install magnetic strips on the bathroom and kitchen walls. Now you’ll always know where your beauty tools and knives are. Meanwhile, you’ll clear up drawer space for something more important.

Hang the Hangable

In order to keep the kitchen drawers free of clutter, hang the hangable utensils from the ceiling. Attach long chains or hooks to the ceiling and hang pots and pans. This idea can make your kitchen look very unusual, which is a wonderful way to create a unique décor. Hanging things from the ceiling is an ideal way to take advantage of the space you never use. Besides, house cleaning in Dyker Heights will become much easier.


Buy Magnetic Spice Containers

Do you keep large spice containers on your kitchen table? Any cleaning lady in Bensonhurst will tell you that such containers are hard to clean and easy to topple over. Meanwhile, they take up precious space. Use magnetic spice containers that you can stick to either the fridge door or the magnetic strip. You’ll free up plenty of space.

Install a Shelf Over a Bathroom Door

You’ve got some space above the bathroom door. Why don’t you use it? Installing a simple shelf can help you store towels, spare soap, shampoos and other stuff. Just make sure the things you put there are rarely used since it’s a tough-to-reach spot.

Use a Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers are wonderful. You can hang one on a door and store anything you wish. You probably already realized that such organizers are only good for flats and flip-flops while boots and snickers don’t fit there. Don’t worry! You can use this organizer to store cleaning supplies. Spray bottles, soaps, detergents, etc. fit right in!

Once you are done organizing your home, you can call up a maid service in Dyker Heights to do the rest. Cleaning is much easier when the house is decluttered!


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