How To Declutter, Organize, and Have a Clean Home in New York City

A cluttered home is often the reason for a bad mood. Many people don’t realize how the reduction of personal space can affect their everyday life. Meanwhile, the stuff we keep bringing to our houses is doing us a bad service.

Today, we recommend you to take a stand against the hoarder in you and start decluttering your home. By the time you are done with the below list, you’ll be surprised at how much better your house looks and how much easier you can breathe.

Make A List

If inviting a maid service from Dyker Heights was the first thing on your list, cross it out. Even the most experienced maids can’t clean your home fully if it’s cluttered. Make a list of rooms you need to deal with and things you should pay the most attention to. For example:

  • Living room (cupboard, corners, under the sofa)
  • Bedroom (closet, dresser, under the bed)
  • Basement (closets, boxes, corners)

Decide which room is the hardest to declutter and put it on the top of your list. Then make a schedule. Each room should be allotted at least two days. Set the dates and keep them.


Take a Garbage Bag

Take the largest garbage bag you can find and make it your goal to fill it up. House cleaning in Dyker Heights or any other area should start with a superficial declutter session. Walk around the house and collect things you don’t need. Don’t stop until the bag is full.

Check Out The Closets

Closets are the hardest ones to declutter. However, if you free up some space inside, you may not need to throw out too many things from the outside. Make sure to remove all the things you haven’t used in over a year. You are highly unlikely to use them in the next 12 months.

Once you are done, make an experiment with all the clothes that you put on hangers. Place all hangers so they face the same direction. Every time you take a piece, turn the hanger in the opposite direction. By the end of the experiment, you’ll see which clothes you never wear.

Ask The Right Questions

Every time you have doubts about getting rid of something, ask yourself: ”if I hire a maid service in Brooklyn, would they need to move this in order to clean the house?” Or “if I was moving into a smaller home, would I take this with me.” You’ll quickly find out how many things are truly useless.

Bring Four Boxes

Come into each room with four boxes or bags. They should be labeled: “throw out”, “donate”, “keep”, and “move”. Every time you look at something, think about which box it belongs to. If you make this a habit, your home will always be ideally decluttered. Any cleaning lady in Bensonhurst would charge you less for a decluttered home.

Get The Right Mindset

When you are cleaning your home, make sure you have the right mindset. You are not just throwing stuff away, you are assessing which things you need or don’t need at the moment. Perhaps someone needs the coat you haven’t worn in 2 years to keep warm this winter? Or maybe the 3rd coffee machine you got as a gift can serve your neighbor better?

Once the decluttering is fully done, you can consider hiring maids in Brooklyn to clean up the mess. If you do the cleaning yourself, you’ll be surprised to see how much easier it will become once the floors and surfaces are clutter-free.


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