Brooklyn Cleaning Services Are Easier Than Ever

It’s human nature to store stuff. We work hard to buy things and then bring them into our houses. Eventually, we end up with full cupboards, closets, and basements, making our personal space smaller and smaller.

Face it. Even the best maids in Brooklyn wouldn’t be able to clean out every corner of your home because it’s terribly cluttered. If you want to free up some space for yourself and have fewer things to clean, you are in for a decluttering session.

Where do you start?


Take a Trash Bag

Before you go out and hire a maid service in Dyker Heights, make their job easier by throwing out stuff you do not need. Even if you are 100% sure that you need each little thing you have in your home, force yourself to take just one trash bag and fill it up. This is the first small step of your big decluttering journey.

Buy Containers

Containers can save the day by making sense out of your stuff. Start with your kitchen. If you have three boxes of rice and five boxes of the same cereal taking up the space, invest in clear containers. Fill each one up. This will allow you to get rid of the bulky boxes and help you find the food you need in a flash.

Besides, such an approach can keep your house clean from insects and other annoying kitchen pests. The cleaning lady in Bensonhurst is bound to say thank you when you invite her.

Go On a Daily Quest

If you have trouble filling up the garbage bag in one day, make it easy on yourself. Throw out one thing per day. In a year, you’ll throw out 365 useless things. Imagine how much easier you’ll breathe! The next year, you can start by throwing out two things a day. By the summertime, you are bound to have a beautiful and decluttered home.

Conquer the Closet

Whether you are doing house cleaning in Dyker Heights or decluttering your apartment in Manhattan, you need to clean out your closet. Do you know the one-year rule? If you haven’t worn some piece of clothing in over a year, throw it out.

If you still have too much clothing, consider getting rid of the articles with the same color and style. When we say “throw out”, we don’t necessarily mean feeding the garbage can. You can give the things to charity or make great gifts to neighbors.

Reward Yourself

Before taking the declutter challenge, make a list of rooms. The most cluttered room should be at the bottom of the list. Allow yourself one week for decluttering each room. Once it’s done, cross the room off your list and reward yourself.

When the decluttering is finished, you can allow one week for cleaning. You can hire a maid service in Dyker Heights to do the job if you are pressed for time. However, cleaning the house on your own is just as easy as decluttering as long as you have a plan.