Businesses have always had a responsibility to keep the office clean to help keep their employees happy and healthy.

Now with the Coronavirus and businesses reopening, this is more important than ever.

Which is why, My Diamond Maids, want to share our five tips to help keep your office clean.

1.  Develop Your Plan

The CDC recently came out with some Guidance For Cleaning & Disinfecting, and they talked about the importance of developing a cleaning plan, and we agree with this.

Figuring out what needs cleaning, and how specific surfaces will be disinfected will help to ensure that you’re able to stay on top of everything.

2.  Provide Needed Supplies

Whether that’s offering a mask, wipes, or placing hand sanitizer throughout the office, providing these essential supplies will help reduce the exposure risks for your employees.

3.  Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning, deep cleaning, is something that   Diamond Maids does best.

There are countless reasons to hire a professional cleaning service, but the main one to focus on is keeping you, your family, and your employees healthy during this pandemic.

4.   Put A Freeze on Communal Dishes And Office Kitchen Items

You might recall from times pasts a colleague just rinsing out their dishes and calling them clean, or another coworker sneezing into their hand and then reaching for the coffee pot.

By putting a hold on the use of these shared utensils and other communal office kitchen items, you will go a long way towards   protecting yourself and your employees from infection.

5.  Create A Color-Coded Cleaning Sheet shared an article called “4 Cleaning Practices to Share With Your Office to Help Keep the Coronavirus at Bay” where they presented the great idea of creating color-coded cleaning sheets.

By adding color-coded towels for different office areas, it will help reduce cross-contamination.

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Diamond Maids can help to keep your office clean and disinfected.

If you’re interested in a professional cleaning service to help keep you and your colleagues healthy and to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, please reach out to us anytime!


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