Why Maid Services in Brooklyn Can Improve Your Holidays

Getting ready to host a party? Be it a holiday celebration or a birthday, you want your house to shine. Of course, hiring maid services in NYC can help you do the job quickly, but don’t you want to find out what you can do yourself?

You probably think that you are a guru in house cleaning. Most of us have been doing it since we were children. However, cleaning is not as easy as sweeping all the toys under the bed. If you want to make a good impression on your guests and enjoy a wonderful party, you need to learn some helpful tricks.

We’ve spoken with expert maids in NYC to gather the most useful cleaning advice.


1- Start At The Beginning

The beginning of your house is the hallway. It needs some serious dusting, sweeping, and washing in order to make a perfect first impression. If you have a mirror in your hallway, make sure it shines. Polish the doorknobs to give your house a perfect look.

Remember to decorate your entryway with party-related design to put the guests in a mood for celebration. Clean out your hallway closet so there is some room for the guests’ coats. Buy extra hangers.

2- Freshen Up

Even if you hire the best maid service in Brooklyn, you still have to think about the laundry. If some of your guests are planning to stay overnight, launder the bedding. Also, don’t forget to prepare fresh towels. You should have several towels hanging in the bathrooms even if there are no overnight guests. When many people wash their hands, towels need to be changed every couple of hours.

3- Pay Attention To The Floor

You’ve vacuumed and washed your floors but something doesn’t seem right? After you scrub the whole house, the throw rugs may seem too dirty against a sparkling clean background. Either get rid of them altogether or order a cleaning service in Brooklyn to freshen them up.

4-Check Out The Fridge

Make sure your refrigerator is clean and smells nice. Take a small bowl, put some baking soda inside it and place a diced lemon on top.  This will take care of the odors. Now, scoop out any of the unnecessary stuff to make room for leftovers. Make sure you have enough containers for extra food.

5- Take Care of The Trash

Even the most experienced maids in Brooklyn can forget about the garbage. Don’t repeat their mistakes. Empty out all the trashcans and give them a good scrub. This will deal with all the leftover bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odors.

In fact, odors are among the worst enemies of a party host. Make sure your garbage disposal smells nice by disposing some lemon slices and ice cubes.

Move The Furniture In Advance

People who do post-construction cleaning in Brooklyn know how much dirt is collected under the furniture. If you need to move some furniture in order to install a large table or accommodate more guests, make sure to do it before they come. Otherwise, you’ll be blushing when a pile of dust goes up into the air.

Do you feel as if you are not ready to deal with all this cleaning? You can hire professional maids in Dyker Heights to do the job for you.


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