Diamond Maids cares about your physical health, so we offer House Cleaning Tips for Expecting Mothers.

It is pretty standard for pregnant women to experience elevated levels of stress and mood swings. However, engaging in simple household tasks can genuinely work as a stress-buster. Most cleaning products are indeed capable of creating adverse effects on the body at the time of pregnancy. One should know all the associated risks and follow some basic cleaning rules discussed below.

House Cleaning Tips for Expecting Mothers: Working in Phases

Experiencing fatigue after a short length of time is standard for pregnant mothers. No pregnant woman can clean on her own the entire home. Dividing the whole cleaning job into smaller tasks makes it less daunting. For instance, one can take care of the kitchen today and may choose to dust the living room tomorrow. It will maintain the cleanliness of the house and will also keep the person engaged in productive work. You can rest and hire Diamond Maids for Professional home cleaning.

Avoid Toxic Cleaning Products

Oven, drain, and toilet cleaners happen to be harmful. One should always carefully read the label of the product before using it. If it contains anything like “harmful,” dangerous,” “toxic,” “not recommended for pregnant women,” or similar, then avoid it. Hiring a reputed cleaning agency like Diamond Maids will eliminate the potential risks of using such harsh and toxic chemicals during pregnancy.

Doing It Properly

Avoid sudden and jerky body movements at any cost, as they may lead to a sprain or muscle pull. It is a wise idea to learn and practice simple cleaning moves to minimize any instance of unwanted accidents. Expectant mothers should not rush and must take their time to clean their homes. Expert maid solutions through an experienced cleaning lady can also help ease the work burden.


House Cleaning Tips for Expecting Mothers: Distribution of Labor

The rule of thumb is to divide the chores between the couples. Apart from the most apparent benefits of time management, it also allows one to spend quality time with their beloved partners. For instance, if any woman cannot stand dusting, she can assign that task to her partner. Diamond Maids is a highly affordable, professional cleaning agency that can manage such routine work.

Avoiding Cleaning of Kitty Litter

Cat feces contain a parasite known as Toxoplasma gondi that can induce toxoplasmosis in the pregnant mother. This parasite adversely affects the fetus and may lead to miscarriage, prematurity, or even death of the human embryo. It’s best to follow the basic rules while dispensing cat litter. Here are some other simple-to-follow tips:

  • Engaging someone else in emptying the litter collection box
  • Wearing gloves during gardening and washing thoroughly after coming in close contact with the soil.
  • Do not consume undercooked or raw meat, and remember to wash your hands, utensils, and kitchen surfaces after touching raw meat.
  • Thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits before cooking and eating them.

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