The task of cleaning the stovetop is one of those chores that is usually on everyone’s list of their least favorite things to do around the house.

It often takes forever to get those dried-out spills off.

To help reduce the amount of time you’re spending on cleaning your stove top, we’re sharing a step-by-step guide with you today.

Before we get started, here are the materials you’ll need: a non-toxic degreaser, scrub brush, paper towels, glass cleaner, and a magic eraser.

1. Make Sure Your Workspace Is Safe

When you clean a gas appliance, the first thing that you want to make sure of is that all of the knobs are turned  ‘off.’

This is important because as you’re cleaning, you don’t want the gas to come on, especially when working with flammable products.

2. Disassemble the Stovetop

You’re going to remove the grates and the burner caps and place them next to the sink; we will cover what to do with these in the next step.

Once all of these are off the stove, place the paper towels, the degreaser, scrubber, magic eraser, and glass polish within reach of your workstation.

3. Degrease Your Grates

To help remove the oil from your grates, place them into a clean sink and spray them down with a non-toxic degreaser, or add a dish detergent and fill with hot water.

Regardless of the method that you decide to go with, leave it to soak for a minimum of fifteen minutes so that it has a chance to get fully clean.

4. Spray Your Stovetop

Now that you have your grates soaking, you’ll want to do the same with your stove. Spray the same degreaser over the whole surface and give it five minutes to penetrate the oily exterior.

Next, you can start to wipe the surfaces with paper towels to get the grease off.

As you work, make sure that you continue to use clean paper towels to prevent grease from just being moved around; repeat the process until your paper towel comes up clean.

5. Scrub Everything Down

No matter how often you clean your stove, there are always going to be spots that have caked-on areas that are hard to get off, and this is where your scrubber is going to come in handy.

If it’s a new brush, test it out on a small portion first to make sure that it doesn’t scratch the surface, and then scrub away!

It might take a moment to get the dried-out stains out, and you might need to repeat step four, but be persistent, and soon you’ll have a grease-free surface.

6. Final Polish

After you finish scrubbing every item down, you’ll want to do one more step to help the stove sparkle.

Make sure that the stovetop is completely dry, then spray it down with the glass cleaner  and go over with the magic eraser to help prevent a cloudy residue from being left behind.

Once your eraser comes up clean, you’re ready to reassemble.

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