When it comes to cleaning dishes, pots, and pans, with caked-on food, it sometimes can feel as if the scrubbing will never end or that the best option might just be to throw out that utensil.

To prevent you from damaging your favorite pots, pans, and dishes with excessive scrubbing – or worst case, tossing them out –  we have two ways to help your utensils go from a never-ending cleaning pain to items you clean with ease, no matter how caked on the food stain.

So, let’s get those utensils shiny with our top 2 tips below:

1. Grab Your Cream of Tartar

Now, you might know the trick that everyone uses –  the one you let the dirty dish soak with soap and hot water.

Sometimes, though, that’s not enough.

If you find yourself in this situation, grab your jar of cream of tartar and add powder, enough to coat the dish, to a bowl.

Once you’ve finished with that, this is where the science experiment begins.

Add vinegar to the bowl to create a thin paste, and then use it to cover the area(s) that needs cleaning.

Leave the paste to sit for twelve hours, then wipe it off and wash the dish thoroughly.

If you notice that it’s still not coming clean, repeat this process, if necessary.

2. Baking Soda to The Rescue

You’re out of cream of tartar – what do you do?

Don’t worry because we have another recommendation that you can try with baking soda.

The first step is to take your baking soda and add a small amount of water to the dish while putting it on the stove.

Set the stove to low, and as the baking soda and water concoction begin to simmer, the food will start to break down.

Do this for a few minutes, and then dump the mixture.

After the simmer is complete, the caked-on food will become easier to wipe off with your sponge.

Sometimes the food is caked onto the dishes so well, you might need to repeat the process a second time.

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