We’re probably all guilty of not cleaning out our kitchen cabinets as often as they need to be cleaned, but it’s something we all should be doing.

Just as we wipe down our counters or mop our floors regularly, our cabinets need the same attention.

As always, at Diamond Maids we’re here with tips to help you get your cleaning chores tackled as easily as possible.

Before we get into the steps to deep clean your kitchen cabinets, make sure to grab these supplies: two cleaning cloths, a new sponge, dish soap, and warm water.

Now, let’s get to tackling those Cabinets.

1. Prepare the Solutions

Since most cabinets are made with painted wood, metal, and vinyl materials, a warm water and dish soap solution is commonly used to wash kitchen cabinets.

Dish soap is especially good in removing any grease build-up and stains that are present.

You’ll want to mix five tablespoons of soap per twenty liters of warm water. Mix everything thoroughly together, and you have your cleaning solution ready.

2. Empty Your Cabinets

With you having the supplies needed to clean, the next step is to empty everything from the cabinets.

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen to clear out all your cabinets and set it all aside, feel free to break down these steps and focus on one area at a time.

Once this step gets finished, then you’re ready to move onto the next step.

3. Start from the Top And Work Your Way Down

Grab your sponge and dip the soft side into your soap concoction.

After the sponge is covered, you will want to take it to the top of the cabinet and wipe it straight down to the bottom.

Having the sponge go in a vertical direction, rather than a circular motion, will help reduce the amount of dirt left behind. Keep repeating this step until the whole surface, inside and out, gets cleaned.

4. Second Round’s the Charm

I know, when you think that we’re done, we throw another step at you, but we promised, it’s the last one.

Grab your fresh cleaning cloths and get one of them wet with just water.

Go over the surfaces you cleaned previously with the one you got wet, and wipe dry with the other towel.

Once you’re done,   you’ll have what looks like new cabinets waiting for you to put everything back!

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