Sharing your home with a pet is proven to make you happier and healthier, but your home often takes a toll.

Don’t worry, though,   Diamond Maids has you covered!

With our tips to keep your home clean and fresh, you can say goodbye to a furry mess.

1. Buy A Quality Vacuum Cleaner

When looking for a vacuum, you want to find a pet appropriate one, so that it continues to pick up the hair, and helps to prevent odors.

Since there are endless options to choose from, you might be wondering where to start.

Consider the following: What kind of flooring do you have? Does your pet go on the furniture? How often does your pet shed?

Ask yourself these questions, and it will help to narrow down the choices.

2. Regularly Clean Your Pet’s Belongings

Pet beds, leashes, and toys can all hold onto strong odors. As such, they need to be cleaned regularly.

Check to see which ones are machine-washable, and then wash the remaining items by hand.

3. Air Out Your Home

Is there a persistent pet smell in your home? Or are you noticing your allergies getting worse?

Well, according to Lennox, the American Lung Association, says that “Pet dander can often trigger allergies that range from congestion and sneezing to wheezing, watery eyes, and rashes. Children and older adults typically feel the biggest impact of poor indoor air quality.”

Airing out your home for as little as 10 minutes a day, can help with not only the pet smell but also your allergies.

4. Have Emergency Cleaner On Hand

When you have a pet, messes can be a common outcome, which is why having an emergency cleaner on hand is important.

Architectural Digest’s Clever, recommend the following: “Fill a squirt bottle with half water, half white vinegar, and a drop of Dawn Dish Soap. This pet-safe cleaning agent will work on everything from floors and walls to the brand-new suede sofa you just brought home.”

This cleaner is not only safe for your pets but also for your furniture.

5. Keep Your Pets Clean

Adding a pet grooming routine to your schedule can help remove excess dirt while keeping your dog smelling fresh.

Whether that’s once a month or every couple of weeks, finding a schedule that works not only for you but also for your pet will make a difference.

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