When companies started working remotely in early 2020, due to COVID-19, we thought it wouldn’t be long before we could go into the office again, so we used what we had at home to create a makeshift office.

Fast forward to now, and there are companies back in-person, but there are now even more turning into fully telework businesses, which means you need a more permanent office than the kitchen table.

To help you get organized, we’re going to be sharing the top five hacks you can incorporate into your space to help you feel like everything is in its place.

1. Color-Coding Your Files

Keeping track of important papers can sometimes feel impossible, especially when there are already stacks piling up on your desk.

To help combat this and give you peace of mind knowing that everything you’d need is in one place, we recommend color-coding your filing system.

For example, here is one of the ways you can break it down.

Blue is for insurance.

Green is for medical.

Red is for financial.

Orange is for the house or apartment.

Yellow is for personal.

If you have more categories that need their own files, continue with this method until everything has a home.

2. Printing Station

Creating a space that’s for printing will save you so much stress.

If you currently have your printer and the supplies taking up one-half of your desk, then this tip is for you.

With printers being wireless now, you don’t need to use that valuable space to house the printer.

Find a cabinet or a table within your office that is big enough to hold the printer so that you can say goodbye to overcrowding and hello to extra space on your desk.

3. Have Categories

Everything should have a place and a purpose in your office.

By placing everything similar in one area, you’ll know when you’re running low or are out of an item.

For example, keep your staples and stapler together, all your pens and pencils in one space.

Keep doing this until everything is in its rightful place.

4. Mail Call

Do you currently have a mail system for your home office?

We get it. The question might sound odd because you’re working from home, so why would you need a designated mail station.

As we mentioned earlier, though, it can be hard to keep track of all the different pieces of paper, and you don’t want to miss an important letter that needs to be in the mail right away.

Make an individual folder for both incoming and outgoing mail, and even one for bills, so that you can make sure to get those completed before they’re due.

5. Drawer Dividers

Our last recommendation is to invest in drawer dividers. You can find different sizes based on your needs on Amazon.

When you put your office supplies away rather than on your desk, it will provide a decluttered look while helping to keep your drawers from getting cluttered.

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