If you’ve got kids in school or even if you’re taking classes yourself, at the beginning of a semester, you often make a promise to keep the study space organized.

However, that usually doesn’t last long. After a couple of weeks, it often looks like a windstorm came through.

To help you organize your home study station and keep it clean, keep reading to learn more about our tips and tricks!

1. Make the Space Functional

One of the top tips that we’ll be giving within this blog post is the idea of making the workstation functional.

What we mean is choosing an area in your home that isn’t distracting and is easy to access.  This will allow you to focus solely on the tasks that need to get done.

2. Duplicate the At-School Tools

When buying supplies for school, we recommend buying two of everything so that you can keep supplies both at home and at school without worrying about forgetting something.

Not only does this provide convenience, but it can also help to keep your space organized at the same time because you or your kids won’t have to transport items back and forth.

3. Label Everything

Are we the only ones that love to label items? No? Perfect!

To help keep the inside of your desk tidy, we recommend getting this desk drawer organizer from Amazon and label each section.

For example, dedicating a spot for pens, pencils, sticky notes, etc., will keep your desk looking the way you desire.

4. Weekly Clean-Ups

Now that we’ve shared our top three tips to organize your home study station, our number one tip to help keep it organized is to schedule weekly clean-ups.

When you’re busy getting assignments done, your dedicated space can quickly collect scrap pieces of paper, books piled upon one another, or even random dishes, so it’s essential to find time each week to tidy up your space.

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