Diamond Maids shares remarkable ideas for Post-Party Cleanup. Organizing a house party can be pretty hectic and requires careful planning. After rejoicing with family and friends in the evening, people get exhausted and dread the cleaning chores. However, no one wants to face a pile of dirty dishes the following day. Post-party cleanup is a necessary evil, though it does not have to be a tiresome job anymore, and here is how.

Ideas for Post-Party Cleanup: Focus on Pre-Party tasks

One should party with bio-degradable and disposable plates: Doing the dishes takes a lot of time and energy during the post-party cleanup phase. Taking and tossing cups and plates save valuable time and effort.

Coasters and tablecloths: A fashionable and colorful tablecloth enhances the party’s ambiance and protects the table from food stains. A tablecloth also removes the ugly water stains that refuse to disappear quickly. Coasters will do a similar job for such rooms where putting a tablecloth on the furniture is inappropriate or possible.

Maintaining Cleanliness at the Time of the Event

Keeping a vacuum cleaner in standby mode: A powerful vacuum cleaner, preferably with an extended suction pipe and wheels, will accumulate all the scattered food in a jiffy.

Garbage bags should be easily accessible: Putting enough garbage bags in all the rooms and the hallway will prevent the food from being littered. Using different color-coded bags for dry and waste recyclables is recommended. One can use perfumed ones also for managing stinky food odors.

Additional Ideas For Post-Party Cleanup

The magic of citrus: Rubbing lemon juice on the stained area will help remove tough stains and deodorize the fabric. One can also pour a few drops of lime juice into baking soda water to prepare a more powerful whitening solution. Diamond Maids is a home cleaning specialist who does such tasks.

Beer time is still not over: Many people have heard about beer shampoos, but the cleaning property of this liquor is not known much. It can efficiently clean stained and dirty rugs and carpets.

For lipstick stains: Applying a half cup of white vinegar and warm, soapy water will remove the toughest lipstick stains from wine glasses.

For floor scratches: High heels can damage the polyurethane hardwood flooring. Using a small amount of floor cleaner and then rubbing the area with a soft cloth will do the trick. Hire Diamond Maids to handle the most tedious jobs.

For leftover wine: Nobody wants to throw away wine, however small in quantity it may be. Freezing all the remaining wine in the ice cube tray will help the host to use it later in cooking.

For melted candle wax: Putting ice cubes in a plastic bag and placing it on the affected area will make the wax brittle. It can easily peel off with a spatula. This method saves the furniture from scratches people make while scraping the wax with kitchen knives. Diamond Maids is an expert home cleaning service that handles your after-party household chores with the best solutions.


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