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The most obvious question many people ask themselves before hiring any maid agency is whether they would be able to afford the service or not. And the answer is a big yes!

A simple internet search will reveal various pricing schemes. While some cleaning services will ask for a flat fee of twenty-five dollars per hour, many other providers will charge as much as three hundred bucks to deep-clean. One should always get a free quote from the cleaning company before hiring them. Maid consultancies like Park Slope maids services provide a free estimation of charges before taking the assignment.

True Price of a Maid Service


Paid home cleaning services like maids in Brooklyn are now considered as an integral part of most people including busy couples and families, senior citizens, single parents, freelancers, renters, etc. Cleaning the house in one such tedious chore that takes a lot of energy, time, an eye for detail and also expensive equipment and cleaning supplies which some people do not possess. There are so many advantages of hiring a professional cleaning company, such as:

  • One does not need to take a leave for cleaning when a guest visits the house, and thus, a day’s salary saved is a day’s salary earned
  • Outsourcing clean jobs translates to more quality time which can be spent as per one’s wishes and requirements
  • A clean house is a healthy house, and it necessarily means less number of visits to the healthcare services, fewer missed office meetings and classes for school or college, and also getting ample time for preparing home-cooked meals
  • A much-reduced stress level
  • A considerable increase in leisure time which can be spent mowing the garden, washing and ironing the clothes, and cooking fresh meals for loved ones; and all these activities save quite a lot of money
  • Usually, any maid service in Dyker Heights has a package that suits every occasion and fit every pocket. One can even specify in advance how many rooms need to be cleaned and how often they should be coming. The homeowner can opt for a bi-weekly, auto-renewable contract or may choose to call them on demand. The experienced and skilled maids can clean any section of the house with ease; including the kitchen, washroom, and hallways.

A Maid Service Is Less Expensive Than Typical Personal Expenditures

  • A night out for two (excluding babysitting): $101+
  • Haircut: $43
  • One lunch out is $15
  • Four hours of babysitting in the evening: $80
  • One-hour massage: $80
  • Lawn maintenance: $55 per week
  • A pair of brand new jeans: $50

It would be a mistake to compromise one’s life and not be able to afford a cleaning service. However, considering the fact that the standard hot cup of coffee that one drinks in the morning while getting ready for cleaning costs $3.25, which is $780 per year, some minor budgeting can make it very affordable. Hiring a reputed yet surprisingly affordable cleaning agency for services by a cleaning lady in Dyker Heights does start to make sense a lot.


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