Christmas is coming, and so are your guests. How much effort do you put into preparing your home for the holiday? Diamond Maids offers some tips for easy holiday cleaning for busy Homeowners. When it comes to cleaning, some people prefer to go all out and spend hours on every spot, while others prefer to do a more superficial job. So which is the best approach?

Pushing yourself to exhaustion isn’t the way to impress Santa and end up on the “nice” list. In fact, it will probably just make you miserable during the holiday season. Don’t let that happen to you! Keep reading to learn how to make your space immaculate. And if you’re in New York City, Diamond Maids can help you achieve a spotless home with minimal effort – earning you plenty of kudos.


Easy Holiday Cleaning For Busy Homeowners: Important Spaces

First Things First: The Hallway

The first impression is crucial, so start with a clean entryway. Wipe the door, shake out the floor mat, and remove dust from all the corners.

Scrub The Most Popular Place in Your Home

The bathroom is the most important yet dirtiest place in the house. Do some serious scrubbing and remove any bad smells.

Clean the Windows

Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and wipe your windows with a microfiber cloth. This will help you achieve crystal-clear windows.

Easy Holiday Cleaning For Busy Homeowners: Kitchen Rescue

Everyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen during the holidays, so it has to look and smell nice. Pay special attention to cleaning the sink drains and countertops.

Pamper Your Garbage Disposal

Invest in a good garbage disposal cleaner and do some tough cleaning before the holidays. To remove odors, chop a lemon and send it down the disposal. Add some ice cubes to sharpen the blades.

Scrub Your Oven And Stovetop

Don’t forget to scrub your oven before the Christmas cooking session. This will prevent a mix of holiday gunk with already existing dirt.

Pro tip: You can save substantial money by making your home cleaning products. Water and vinegar can clean your windows, baking soda and vinegar can flush your drains, and diced lemon smells nice to your garbage disposal and refrigerator. With these tips, you can easily finish the cleaning on time.


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