Easy Brooklyn Heights Cleaning Solutions to Make the Holidays Better!

Christmas is coming and so are your guests. How much effort do you really put into holiday cleaning? We bet maids in Brooklyn wouldn’t give you an “A” for your efforts. Some people like going to the extreme and spending long hours cleaning every single spot. However, most of us prefer to slack off and do only a slight superficial cleaning. Which one is the way to go?

If you want a truly clean house without spending hours on the cleanup, you could use some holiday cleaning tips. Remember, riding yourself to a standstill won’t get you on the Santa’s “good boy and girl” list. Most likely, you’ll just end up hating the holiday season. What an unfortunate way to spend Christmas! We won’t let it happen. Read on!

Get Kudos from Professional Maids in NYC: Clean Home With The Least Effort


1- First Things First: The Hallway

Your hallway is what the guests see when they just arrive. Accordingly, it’s your only chance to make a grand first impression. Any maid service in Brooklyn starts with a clean entryway. Wipe the door, shake out the floor mat (or perhaps buy a new one), look in all the corners to remove dust.

2- Focus Your Efforts on The Kitchen

Christmas means a lot of tasty food. Whether you are cooking everything on your own or have guests bring their dishes, kitchen is the place everyone spends a lot of time in. Kitchen has to look and smell nice. Pay special attention to cleaning the sink drains.

3- Scrub The Most Popular Place in Your Home

If you ask professionals from any maid service in Dyker Heights or cleaning service in Brooklyn, they’ll tell you that the bathroom is the most important yet dirtiest place in the house. Do some serious scrubbing. Open up your nose and sniff out all the bad smells. They must be battled!

4- Pamper Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal has the toughest job during the Christmas holiday. So make sure it’s fully ready for the effort. Invest in a good garbage disposal cleaner and do some tough cleaning before the holidays.

In order to remove the odors, chop a lemon and send it down the disposal. Add some ice cubes to sharpen the blades.

5- Clean the Windows

We hope you’ve done your fall window cleaning in time. Most of the time people forget about the need to clean their windows twice a year, noticing their dirty glass right before the holidays. If you are one of them, don’t worry! Mix vinegar and water in the spray bottle and wipe your windows with a microfiber cloth.

6- Scrub Your Oven And Stovetop

Even the best maids in NYC sometimes give up when they face a post-Christmas oven. The reason is failing to clean it BEFORE the holiday. If you add the holiday gunk to the already existing dirt, you get a deadly mix. Make sure to scrub your oven before the Christmas cooking session.

You can save substantial amounts of money by making your own home cleaning products. While water and vinegar can get your windows clean, baking soda and vinegar can flush your drains. Meanwhile, a diced lemon adds a nice odor to your garbage disposal and refrigerator. So unless you are stuck with tough post construction cleaning in Brooklyn one day before the holiday, you can easily get the cleaning done on time.


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