Are you preparing to host a party? Whether it’s for a special holiday occasion or just a casual get-together, you want your home to look its best. While hiring Diamond maid services in New York City can certainly help, why not try tackling the job yourself with some perfect Holiday cleaning tips?

You may feel confident in your cleaning skills, having done it since childhood. However, cleaning goes beyond just sweeping and shoving toys under the bed. If you want to impress your guests and enjoy a seamless party, it’s worth learning some helpful tricks. For this, we’ve consulted with expert Brooklyn maids and gathered their most useful cleaning advice.


Perfect Holiday Cleaning Tips: Keep it Fresh

Start At The Beginning

Make a great first impression by starting with your entryway. Dust and sweep the hallway, and give your mirrors and doorknobs a good polish. Add party-related decor to create a festive atmosphere, and make space in the hallway closet for guests’ coats by clearing it out and buying extra hangers.

Freshen Up

Even if you’ve hired a professional cleaning service, you’ll still need to prepare fresh bedding and towels for overnight guests. Make sure plenty of towels are available in the bathrooms, and change them every few hours if necessary to keep them fresh. If your floors still don’t look clean after vacuuming and washing them, consider cleaning your throw rugs professionally.

Perfect Holiday Cleaning Tips: Pay close attention

Pay Attention To The Floor

If you’ve cleaned your floors but still don’t look quite right, it might be time to move your furniture and check for dust and dirt underneath. Be sure to do this before your guests arrive to avoid any embarrassing moments.

Check Out The Fridge

Take a few minutes to clean your refrigerator and remove expired or unnecessary items. Use a bowl of baking soda and diced lemon to eliminate any odors, and make sure you have enough containers for any leftovers.

Take Care of The Trash

Don’t forget to empty all the trash cans and give them a good scrub to eliminate bacteria and unpleasant odors. You can also freshen up your garbage disposal by disposing of lemon slices and ice cubes. Odors are among the worst enemies of a party host. Make sure your garbage disposal smells nice by disposing of some lemon slices and ice cubes.

Move The Furniture In Advance

If you need to move furniture to accommodate more guests, be sure to do so before they arrive to avoid any dust and dirt that may have accumulated underneath. Do you feel overwhelmed by all this cleaning? Consider hiring professional maids to handle the job for you.


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