If you are like most other homeowners, you will want to step into a tidy home but back out when cleaning the accommodations yourself. Diamond Maids recommends practical tips for deep cleaning your home at least twice yearly.

Deep cleaning your residence becomes manageable if you periodically deal with minor messes and clutters. Diamond Maids offers some simple tips you should follow consistently and cultivate if you are sincere about keeping your home spic and span time and again.

Practical Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Home: Vacuuming and Floor Care

Vacuum clean all areas that experience the maximum footfalls.

Your Doormats, rugs, bathroom, and kitchen experience maximum daily footfall. Vacuum-cleaning these areas with a sweeper once or twice a week will prevent dust, grime, pet hairs, and crumbs from settling down. Keep a portable vacuum cleaner handy to make your cleaning task more convenient.

Step out of your footwear before you step in.

Diamond Maids suggests that you and your family remove shoes and footwear before entering. That way, dirt, muck, and all other kinds of filth won’t soil the interiors of your home. At the same time, place machine washable doormats and small rugs near the entrance as well as in prominent areas inside the house.

Prepare the sinks for cleaning up first thing in the morning.

Fill up all the sinks and basins in your home with warm or hot water to a specific level. After that, add a cupful of white vinegar or powdered hydrogen peroxide (Tide or OxiClean) to the water and stir it vigorously. Allow the blend to sit for the night, and drain the water in the morning. Your sinks will take on a sparkling look.

Practical Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Home: Bathroom & Kitchen Care

Cleanse the bathroom basin overnight or early in the morning.

Use cotton or baby wipes to swab the bathroom sink at night when brushing your teeth before going to bed. Or, you can wipe it down in the morning when preparing to step out.

Scrape the bathroom walls with a squeegee following a shower.

Place a squeegee inside the bathroom to wipe the walls up and down every time you finish showering. The idea is to keep the scum from the soap lather from accumulating, which could lead to mold formation.

Rid the refrigerator of stale stuff before stocking it afresh.

Please do not rush in to pack your fridge with fresh groceries right after purchasing them from the supermarket. Diamond Maids Bensonhurst recommends that you check if any old food has become stale or unpalatable and remove them promptly. Swipe the fridge’s inside with a disinfectant cleanser and wait for some time before putting away the fresh items.


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