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Diamond Maids is the best Midwood house cleaning service operating in the 11230 area of Brooklyn. We desire to help you clean, refresh and organize your attractive homes.

What was once thick woodland in the middle of Brooklyn has long since developed into a quiet and unique neighborhood full of houses, condos, co-ops, and townhouses. Midwood is home to many notable people in entertainment, sports, politics, and arts. Without a doubt, you’ll find hidden gems with delicious Kosher Delis, famous pizzerias, and restaurants offering falafel, Sushi, and ice cream shops for desserts. Midwood’s main thoroughfare is home to Brooklyn’s first bike path, designed in 1894. It’s a picturesque and peaceful trail leading you to the shores of Coney Island and Brighton Beach.

Walking up and down Kings Highway, you can enjoy a fun and eclectic shopping experience while we take care of house cleaning for you. Leave it to us to revitalize and deep clean your home. You can have a wonderful time with your family and friends at nearby Marine Park, the largest park in Brooklyn, and enjoy activities such as hiking and golfing. Moreover, it holds baseball and cricket fields and over 500 acres of protected salt marsh and grassland.

Getting started on home cleaning can be a monumental task. But with the right mindset, you’ll be on your way to a refreshed, inviting house. With a neat, clean living space, you and your family will love to arrive home after a long day and rest comfortably. With this purpose in mind, Diamond Maids will help make that your reality.

Setting Goals for cleaning your Home

Between your maid service appointments, one way to stay on top of housekeeping is to form clear short-term goals and meet them! For example, start a plan of action if your kitchen has seen better days and needs a refresh. Take one month to budget and note the areas that require a deep clean, floor cleaning, dusting, tidying, and organizing. Purchase your cleaning supplies and organizational items in advance, but only according to need.

For the second month, start cleaning with your goals list in hand. Thereafter, you can break down the chores into weeks.

For Week 1: Clean all your counters.

For Week 2: Clean counters and sweep every day.

The concept is to add a new goal each week but continue doing the previous one. Ultimately, your kitchen will stay sparkling, disinfected, and fresh every day.

Why use our Midwood House Cleaning Service?

Our job at Diamond Maids is to help you stay on top of cleaning goals so that you have precious time for other activities. We are a fully insured and bonded cleaning company that unfailingly rates best in Brooklyn. Our professional Midwood maids perform all sorts of housekeeping, from mopping to deep cleaning and organizing, with 100% satisfaction. To help ease the stress of moving to a new home, we also provide move-in / move-out cleaning. Diamond Maids is available to clean residences in the 11230 areas. Learn about our comprehensive services, and call us to reserve a maid and create a service package for all your needs.


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