Scheduling a Cleaning Service in Brooklyn, NY

People are so busy with their jobs, that they don’t get adequate time to look after themselves or other dimensions of their life that may seem important to them. People put in years of hard work to buy or rent a house of their own, and most of them would like to keep it clean and presentable. However, the strains of the time do not allow them to indulge in such activities even if it is necessary. This may also be the reason why there has been an increase in the number of people who require help like; maid service in Park Slope, Caroll gardens cleaning services, etc. in many other localities. Therefore people must take time to prepare a chart or schedule to set aside time for cleaning. It helps to provide relief from sudden pressure and aids in preventing any damage to the house due to neglect.

Cleaning chores can be categorized in the following ways as per their duration:

  • Daily – Chores, like cleaning the house, mopping the floors, cleaning the sink and kitchen countertops, are activities that must be done every day. Washing dishes the dishes, vacuuming the floor, removing toys and other things that clutter the floor, putting dirty clothes in a hamper and making the bed are also essential as they help in keeping the house clean on a daily basis. These chores can also be done by domestic help or maids in Brooklyn Heights and firms that offer maid services in Brooklyn Heights and other posh residential areas.
  • Weekly – This kind of an organization involves setting apart one day of the week to complete a particular task. Firms that offer park slope cleaning service or park slope power washing may also follow such an organization of the work for the convenience of the customers. For example, assigning one day to do the laundry, another to clean the bathroom, so on and so forth.


Designation can be done in the following ways from Day-1 to Day-6

  • Bathroom cleaning: includes wiping mirrors, washing curtains and rugs, disinfecting counter tops, scrubbing the toilets, cleaning the tub and shower walls, bleaching the sink, etc. In places like Brooklyn Heights, cleaning services are available from some
  • Bedrooms and laundry: Doing the laundry for clothes worn the entire week as well as the linens. Maids in Park slope, maids in Caroll gardens and other areas of the city, provide such sort of domestic help.
  • The house: Dusting all the furniture, mopping and vacuuming the floor of the entire house can be done on one day. Caroll gardens home cleaning and domestic help that are available in other areas may be able to cater to the need of people who do not have time to do these chores on their own. Power washing at Brooklyn heights includes a thorough cleaning of the garden and parking area as well.
  • Kitchen: Cleaning appliances like the micro oven, scrubbing the stovetop and disinfecting knobs, handles, and countertops.
  • Monthly – Certain areas of the house such as the air vents, refrigerators, floorboards, etc. take up a lot of time for cleaning. These can be done once a month to make things convenient for the individuals. People may require help from professionals like the maids in carol gardens and other areas.

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