Apartment Cleaning Dyker Heights for the Summer Season

Warm temperatures and a dry atmosphere mark the start of the summer season. Many are looking forward to vacations, summer cookouts, and outdoor sports activities. The summer heat brings all kinds of fun… and reasons to clean. That’s why Diamond Maids is ready to lend a hand with Summer Apartment Cleaning Dyker Heights so that you can focus on enjoying fun under the summer sun.

While spring cleaning has a long-standing history for Americans, especially for New Yorkers in keeping a clean apartment, many don’t realize that summer cleaning is as important as keeping your apartments spic and span during the colder seasons.

Here is a checklist of cleaning tasks to consider for the summer season:

Outdoor Cleaning

The warm temperature, along with dry air, brings more dust into your apartment than any season of the year. The outdoor areas are the most affected parts of the apartment. Dust can easily stick to walls, window panes, porches, and doors. Even your outdoor barbecue grill won’t be safe from dust and minute flying debris. Diamond Maids has trained cleaners that can easily make the outdoors of your apartment spotlessly clean.

Living Room Cleaning

Summer apartment cleaning in Dyker Heights is not only limited to the outdoors. Even the inside of your apartment is not safe from dust. Even with closed windows, dust can still enter with the constant opening of doors and those that stick to human clothing. This microscopic debris settle on surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, thus, making cleaning even harder than normal.

Bedroom Cleaning

Dust from fabric also increases rapidly during warm temperature. Cobwebs and fallen hair can be found under the beds, chairs, and cabinets. Professional cleaners from Diamond Maids know that sweeping would do little to lessen the dirt as dust will just fly in the air and land on other surfaces. Your bedroom needs thorough cleaning to avoid respiratory diseases caused by inhaling dust in the air.

Kitchen Cleaning

Grime is a common problem in kitchens. All-year-round, these sticky dirt terrorize the kitchen walls, floor, and kitchen appliances. Wiping the dirt with cleaning solution could do the trick. But meticulous kitchen cleaning can be time-consuming and strength-draining. Better leave these tasks to the professionals.

Bathroom Cleaning

Your bathroom tiles house more bacteria than most part of your house. Molds grow on tile grout especially on uneven floors where water stagnates. These molds cause a lot of well-known bathroom-related diseases in New York alone. When you see hard-to-remove stains on your bathroom tiles, time to call the professionals to keep your bathroom clean and safe.

Summer should be the perfect time to have fun. But with all the summer cleaning to do, you can’t help but feel left out from all the enjoyment. So why not hire a professional cleaning service company? Sit back and relax. Diamond Maids got your summer apartment cleaning in Dyker Heights covered.


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