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Apartment cleaning is one of the basic responsibilities in your home. In Dyker Heights, however, the busy schedule and stress make it exhausting to even lift the broom or mop. As a result, apartment cleaning Dyker Heights has been a common problem of the residents in this side of the borough.

If you are living in one of the apartments in Dyker Heights, chances are, you would have a dusty home. The concentration of vehicles in the area makes it easy to collect dust and pollution on your furniture, walls, and ceiling.

Comprehensive apartment cleaning Dyker Heights takes more than just basic sweeping to make sure you get the job done especially in big-spaced apartments. Professional cleaning service like My Diamond Maids Apartment Cleaning Dyker Heights knows what it takes to get your apartment squeaky clean.

Cleaning Service Assessment

Rushing in to do the job is not doing the job right. My Diamond Maids asseses the needed services first before sending in cleaners to tidy up the apartment. Every apartment is different, thus, it is important to know what you need. Assessment may involve visiting your apartment in Dyker Heights to accurately determine the type of cleaning service needed for your home. Assessment also helps in designating the appropriate areas of the apartment for cleaning.

Right Cleaning Equipment

After assessing the needed services, My Diamond Maids will then determine the right equipment for the job. My Diamond Maids will also ascertain who will provide the cleaning equipment. Either way, My Diamond Maids cleaners have their own equipment that specialize in specific type of cleaning.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Vacuuming and sweeping the floor are only part of the job. Dyker Heights is popular for big apartments, therefore, dust and dirt could be anywhere in the apartment. You’ll need thorough cleaning. In addition to basic cleaning, My Diamond Maids sums up some of the comprehensive cleaning into the following:

  • scouring hard-to-reach places
  • removing pests and cobwebs
  • floor and tile polishing
  • bathroom cleaning
  • kitchen cleaning
  • bedroom cleaning
  • basement cleaning
  • outdoor power wash

Meticulous cleaning will make your apartment spic and span from the inside out.

Scheduled Regular Cleaning Service

Setting up a regular apartment cleaning Dyker Heights will guarantee that your apartment is as clean as a whistle. Regular cleaning can be scheduled daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on the size of your apartment and the frequency of dirt inside your apartment.

No matter how big or small your apartment is, My Diamond Maids Home Cleaning Services will always deliver 100% effort to keep your apartment clean. You can be assured that the cleanliness of your apartment is in good hands.


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