Trying to find a starting point for organizing your home can feel like a daunting task, especially if things are all over the place.

We understand that this can be stressful, so we’re taking the stress out of the situation.

We will be sharing everything you need to know when it comes to organizing and what to do in different areas of your home.

1. Storage Spaces

If your storage area(s) are a mess, this will lead to other places in your home being messy as well.

You need to make sure that your storage is free of clutter, allowing for other items around your home.

For example, when you bring home groceries, you make room in your fridge and pantry for those items.

Same with your storage places, you need to go through the things in there and figure out what you want to keep and get rid of, so you can make room.

If you still feel overwhelmed with where to start, pick a space like your junk drawer to begin. It’s both small enough, so you don’t feel stressed, but big enough that you still find satisfaction in completing the task.

Keep with this process until all of your storage areas are gone through and organized.

2. Shared Spaces

The kitchen, living room, dining room, and TV room are examples of an area that you and your family (or roommates) share.

Due to these being communal areas, it’s even more essential to keep them organized.

If you have people with whom you share these living spaces, collaborate, and create a game plan on how everyone will keep these rooms clean.

You can create a chart of who will be doing what for a particular month and switch off for different tasks.

For example, one month you’re in charge of cleaning the living room, and then the next you could be doing the kitchen.

Changing the tasks each month, like this, allows for an equal contribution of the household chores.

3. Personal Spaces

Now it’s time to talk about the steps you can take to keep your own personal space or room nice and tidy.

Whether it’s your office or your bedroom, these organizing hacks work for both.

Find the area with the most items and start there and work your way to the smaller tasks.

As you’re going through the different things, make sure to have three piles (keeping, donating, throwing away). Then as you’re working, you can put the items in one of those piles.

In the beginning, you might feel like your space looks worse than before, and that’s normal, but often things need to look worse before they look better.

Once you know which things you’re keeping, you can tackle the organization piece of this puzzle.

Keep going with this process until the room is sparkling clean and organized to perfection.

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