As the new year begins, we often create resolutions to set us on the right path as we kick off the year. Resolutions can often be hard to stick with as the year unfolds. Today we will share some easy-to-follow 4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home. Prepare for your home to be cleaner, more beautiful, and more efficient.

4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home: Create lists and Declutter

Create A Weekly and Daily Cleaning Schedule

A weekly and daily cleaning schedule can help you stay on top of the everyday craziness, but you need to stick with it.

Daily: At the end of each day, try to do the following:

  • Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Put clothing into the hamper or hang them up
  • Return items to their designated place.

Weekly: Write a list of chores you have left to do after the daily ones. Create specific days you’ll do them. For example, laundry will be done on Mondays, and you clean the bathrooms on Saturdays, etc.

Refresh Your Decor

When your home decor has holes or is faded, it can make you feel unmotivated. This makes it challenging to stay on top of your to-do list and cleaning schedule. Invest in new decor or plants to help liven up your rooms if you can.


Most of us have at least one space in our home that seems daunting to clean. Even if you shudder to imagine decluttering, take this time to get on top of the project. Start small and work up to the larger projects by focusing on junk drawers, closets, and rooms first.

Create a system that helps you get into a groove: Keep, Toss, Reuse, or Donate. Don’t think about it too much. Go with your first gut reaction when deciding what to do with each item.

Note. If your initial gut reaction is to keep everything, follow this formula: If you haven’t used it in six months, donate it or toss it.

Focus on A Healthy Home

Keeping your home healthy during the year can be difficult, especially during cold and flu season and COVID-19. Focus on creating a healthy home through regular cleaning, disinfecting, and consuming nutritious ingredients. Making these a priority can help reduce the risk of you or your family becoming ill.

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