Dyker Heights House Cleaning Service


Diamond Maids Dyker Heights house cleaning service aims to leave your homes, mansions, condos, and villas cleaner, shinier, and healthier than ever.

Your lives and careers are busy, so you’ll need a company you trust for those household chores that pile up fast. You’ll want to hire us because Dyker Heights is our business home. We understand residents’ pride in keeping their home exteriors, lawns, streets, and sidewalks clean and litter-free. Therefore, we’ll ensure your interior immaculately reflects the lovely tree-lined neighborhood.

Dyker Heights is world famous for the beautiful “Christmas Lights” display throughout the neighborhood from December to the New Year; let us get your house in tip-top shape so you can proudly feature yours and join in on the fun. Who doesn’t want to invite holiday guests to an immaculate, fresh-scented home?

Why choose our Dyker Heights House Cleaning Service?

Diamond Maids is a reliable family-based house cleaning service in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Fully bonded and insured, we consistently rank best in Brooklyn. Our professional maid service does everything from basic dusting. Floor cleaning to deep cleaning and guarantees 100% satisfaction on every visit. Dyker Heights residents greatly focus on family and children. We know children can be a handful and create big messes. But don’t despair, because our housekeeping company arrives fully equipped to handle any job. 

The bigger the home, the more items and clutter accumulate. We don’t just provide house cleaning services, we reserve an expert to help you to organize your home or office so you can reduce clutter stress.

We’re available to clean homes in the entire 11228 area. Check out our services to discover how we’ll work for you, and don’t forget to call us to reserve a cleaning lady and build a service package that suits your needs.


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