The holiday season is almost here, and everyone is festive! It’s time to start thinking about decorating your home, planning the holiday menu, and all the fun you’ll have during your days off. But before you get too carried away with your holiday dreams, take a moment to focus on the less glamorous side: How can you enjoy the holiday cleanup?

Whether you hire Diamond Maids service in Brooklyn or tackle the cleaning independently, follow these 4 tips to enjoy the holiday clean-up and make it a breeze.


4 Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Clean-up: Schedule & Declutter

Close Your Eyes and Take a Dive

The first step is to remove all the unnecessary clutter. Grab a large box and start collecting all the items that won’t be needed for the holiday decor. Don’t worry about throwing anything away; you’re just putting things aside for the holidays. Set a goal for removing at least 15 items from the room. Even get the kids involved in this game! A quick clutter-removing effort can be the most useful thing you can do for holiday cleaning.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Rather than trying to clean everything in one day, save time and nerves by breaking the cleaning down into several stages. Unless you plan on hiring Diamond Maids cleaning service in Brooklyn, you’ll unlikely be able to clean everything in one go. Don’t leave anything to the last minute. Dedicate one week to each room for several weeks before the holiday, and by the time the holiday arrives, your house will be sparkling clean with minimal effort. Cleaning one room for a week is a piece of cake!

4 Tips to Enjoy the Holiday Clean-up: Call in Professionals

Maintain The Order

If you followed our previous advice, the hardest part is maintaining order, especially with small children. Set aside five minutes daily to put things back where they belong in each room. If one of the rooms is already clean and ready for the holidays, keeping it this way can be fun. This approach can help you maintain a clean house all year round! Remember, it’s much easier to maintain cleanliness for 5 minutes daily than to clean once a month for hours.

Hire A Professional

If you don’t have the time or energy to do the holiday cleaning alone, consider hiring a professional. Some of us are just too busy, especially around the holiday season. Diamond Maids can greatly simplify your pre-holiday rush. Whether you need post-construction cleaning or just a simple Christmas cleanup, having someone else do the job is always nice.

Remember to reward yourself. Cleaning is no easy task, and it deserves recognition!


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