Finding items in your fridge or freezer can at times feel like an impossible task.

And then, at other times, it can feel as though you’re playing Jenga with your leftovers.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be sharing inexpensive ways to organize your fridge freezer –  quickly and efficiently.

1. Use Magazine Holders

You might be wondering why we’re recommending using magazine holders within your fridge or freezer but hear us out.

You can find a couple of plastic ones at the Dollar Store or on Amazon and utilize them to hold similar items.

For example, if you put the frozen fruit bags in one and frozen veggies in another, grouping items together like this will help to prevent things from getting lost.


As we mentioned earlier, items getting lost in your fridge or freezer can be common if not well organized.

To help prevent them from getting lost or risk forgetting what’s in the container, label EVERYTHING.

We recommend writing what’s in the storage container and when you made it. That way you know when you need to eat it before it goes bad.

3. Keep A Freezer Inventory

A simple way to help reduce the clutter within your freezer is to keep an inventory of what is currently in there – that way, you don’t buy something you don’t need.

You can do this with a piece of paper or a whiteboard and write each item and the amount you have.

Then when you use something, you cross it out and write the new amount left.

4. Designate A Spot in Your Fridge for Leftovers

Let’s imagine that your fridge is finally clean and organized after a long day of work, but when you go to put what’s left of your dinner away, you realize that you didn’t leave space for leftovers.

Before you get to this point, make a shelf or even half of one dedicated to being your leftovers area. That way, everything still looks organized, and you know what you still need to eat up.

5. Ditch the Boxes

Boxes are bulky and can take up a lot of valuable space.

Whenever you’re able to, ditch the boxes and put the content in a basket or a bin.

If you’re worried about forgetting the cooking instructions (if there are some), cut out that portion, and place it with the items.

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