Did you know that Q-Tips have more than one use?

Yes, those little Q-tips are multi-purpose tools.

Besides cleaning out the wax from your ears, Q-Tips can become a powerful tool for your home as well.

See below for some house cleaning hacks!

1. Reaching All The Nooks And Crannies

Within your home, there are endless places that are hard to get into and clean properly.

But with a handy Q-tip, you can easily get into some of those nooks and crannies. Here are some of those places that your Q-Tips can help you  reach easily:

Window Sills

Dirt, dust, and sometimes even mold can get stuck within the tracks and corners of your windowsills.

It can be difficult to fit a rag into those cracks to help remove the buildup, but Q-Tips are the perfect size to get the deep clean you need.

Medicine Cabinets

Most people have their medicine cabinets in their bathroom, and they often get overlooked when it comes to cleaning, which leads to a build of dust and dirt.

Dip a Q-Tip in your bathroom cleaning solution, and before you know it, those hard to reach places will be sparkling clean too.

2. Cleaning Your Keyboard

Your computer keyboard is known for containing everything from germs to even food particles, but we have a simple solution:

Take a Q-Tip, dip it in rubbing alcohol, rub it over and between your keys and let it air dry.

Voila! You have a clean and germ free keyboard.

3. Remove Grime From Your Light Switches

Over time, the oil on your fingertips can collect on your light switches, attracting dust particles.

A Q-Tip can easily clean the tiny crevices that are hard to reach –   helping to ensure your switch plates stay clean and shiny.

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