The USA celebrates many festivals in the Spring, such as the Rose Festival of Portland, the Wine and Food Festival of New Orleans, Cherry Blossom Festivals cross-country, and many more. However, Springtime also calls for thorough cleaning of one’s home. Diamond Maids wants to show you how to get the most from your Spring cleaning.

Get the Most from Your Spring Cleaning: Making the Bathrooms Shine

Applying one teaspoonful of lemon oil on the shower door’s glass every two weeks will repel the water particles. You can also use any products meant for cleaning car windshields, but not more than twice a year. Hire Brooklyn’s Diamond Maids professionals for such cleaning jobs.

Cleaning the liner

The shower curtain’s liner is prone to accumulating mildew and mold. Washing it with a couple of towels and air drying it will clean all the fungus.

Cleaning the toilet

One teaspoonful of Tang will do the trick. The citrus powder effectively scrubs the interiors of the commode. The drink mix should sit inside the toilet bowl for a few minutes before rinsing. It is not toxic, so household pets will not get sick if they lick the commode.

Unclogging the Drains

An unblocking agent in the drains will melt stray hairs and anything stuck inside. Pouring hot water into the pipes every week will keep them clean. Mop stray hairs scattered on the floor using moist toilet paper.

Get the Most from Your Spring Cleaning: The Appropriate Cleaning Tools


Always begin cleaning from the top and finish at the bottom. Use a broom with finer bristles indoors to sweep little particles of dust. A broom with firmer and thicker bristles is ideal for the outdoors as they clear porous grounds more efficiently. Diamond Maids post construction cleaning is an expert in home cleaning, undertaking such tiresome tasks for a nominal service charge.

Storing the Broom Properly

They should be stored upside-down to protect the bristles.

The Proper Dustpan

Use a dustpan with a rubber lining to pick up dust more effectively.

Get the Most from Your Spring Cleaning: Organization and Decluttering

Making the Bed

After waking up, arranging the pillows and bed linens will make the room look tidy.

Organizing the Drawer

Most people have drawers with clothes they don’t wear anymore. If someone has not worn specific apparel even once a year, discard, donate, or sell them.

Decluttering the Room

Putting some moisturizing lotions, a paperback, and maybe some knitting tools in a basket next to the bed is a wise idea. Keep a lamp, a clock, and a pack of tissues can be kept on the bedside table and nothing more.

Managing the Laundry

Pouring one-fourth cup of white vinegar in the washing machine or keeping a pair of brand-new tennis balls in the dryer will prevent static electricity from building up. This method will also soften the clothes and leave the requirement of using dryer sheets.


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