The Holiday season is in full swing, and that probably means that your house cleaning needs and stress levels might be increasing too.

If you’re planning on having guests over for Christmas, then this week’s blog post is for you.

We’re sharing our Holiday Cleaning Guide to help make this time of the year smoother for you.

1. Scrub Down Your Entryway

One of the first things that guests will see when entering your home is your entryway, so to make a good impression, focus on areas that you haven’t cleaned in a while.

Wipe down your front door to remove any dust or cobwebs, dust your furniture, and shake out your welcome mat.

Doing all these little things will guarantee the first impression you want.

2. Focus on The Kitchen And Dining Areas

With the Holidays, food is often at the center point of all gatherings, which means people are in the kitchen and dining areas for the majority of the time.

Give these areas the most cleaning attention possible, especially if you’re short on time to prepare for guests.

Don’t forget to dust your light fixtures or your ceiling fans, and make sure that your kitchen is clean and smelling fresh.

3. Prepare Your Guest Bedroom Ahead Of time

In the days leading up to the arrival of your guests, wash the bedding to get rid of any dust that’s accumulated since the last use, and do a general clean of the whole room.

Try to make the area spotless and inviting. This will let your guests know that you’re happy to have them over.

4. Plan Ahead Of time

To help reduce stress, plan out who you’re inviting, what you’ll be serving, and if anyone will be bringing food.

Planning like this will help you stay focused on your to-dos&nbsp, and save any last-minute scurrying around to get unanticipated activities taken care of.

The benefit of doing this is you’ll be able to relax and can enjoy the Holiday Season as well with your guests.

5. Design Your Holiday Table

When it comes to designing your Holiday Table, start with removing everything and scrubbing it down.

Afterward, wash your dishes and silverware ahead of time, and set them off to the side.

Once that’s done, figure out the centerpiece and the decorations you’re planning on adding to the table so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

You don’t have to go overboard with decorations. A clean table and silverware and a good colorful spread of food often are enough to do the trick.

6. Deep Clean the Bathrooms

There’s a certain feeling you get when you walk into a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned in a while – it’s not a comfortable feeling. You never want your guests to feel that way.

Deep clean all of your bathrooms the day before to help ensure they’re clean.

Washing the tub or shower, wiping down the sinks, scrubbing the toilets, and sweeping/mopping the floors are all important things you need to take care of to get your bathroom guest-ready.

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