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You are simply awestruck when you step into the bathroom of a suite in a Four Seasons or Hilton Hotel. You just cannot help wondering how the hotel housekeepers manage to uphold the sleekness, luxuriousness, and above all the cleanliness of the bathroom on a daily basis. Well, of course, the answer to the above question is not all mysterious or nebulous but plain and simple.

The housecleaning staff employed permanently or contracted from Diamond Maid Service in Brooklyn by the hotel make sure that they clean the bathroom in each and every room daily.  Though you may find the task of cleansing the bathroom thoroughly from one day to the next, burdensome and onerous, you can always wipe clean the basin, faucets, mirror, and cabinets. These small chores can be accomplished without breaking your back and will also go a long way in helping keep the bathroom space spotless.

Maids Brooklyn walks you through some simple and easy-to-follow steps in order to keep the bath gleaming and squeaky clean.

Dusting and Vacuuming

Our Brooklyn Heights Maids recommend you to work thoroughly so that anybody stepping inside will not be able to spot a single strand of hair or speck of dust on the tiles, bathtub, or floor. And in order to make sure of that you’ll need to dust everything with microfiber rags and then follow up with vacuuming the nooks and crannies.

Heat Up the Tubs and the Tiles

When the Park Slope Maid is assigned a bathroom cleaning job, one of the errands she always does is heating up the bathtub and the floor tiles a few degrees above normal room temperature. This she accomplishes by filling up the bathtub to a specific level with hot water from the geyser. The hot water is also sprayed over the shower and the tiles.


Let the Cleansers Sit

After letting the hot water sit on the floor tiles and the tub for 10-15 minutes, the Maid sprays an antifungal/antibacterial cleanser on the toilet, floor, sink, counters, and tile walls.

Next Up: Scrubbing

Next, the maid uses a clean and dry microfiber cloth to spread out the cleaner uniformly throughout. Let the liquid sit for some time (say five minutes). Thereafter, take hold of an abrasive pad that is non-scratchy for scouring clean every sq. foot of the space.

Rinsing Comes Up Next

Rinsing the surfaces, fixtures, and installations in the bathroom is without doubt the most crucial task that you need to carry out effectively. The cleansers contain chemicals that cause the dust particles and specks to stick to them. So, if you do not clean up following the spraying of the cleanser, removing the grime will really become arduous afterwards

Allow the Surfaces and Fixtures to Dry Up

Allow the surfaces to dry up completely. Expedite the process of drying by using dry and clean cotton rags.

Sprucing up the Reflective Services

Wipe dry the mirror and other reflective surfaces with a cleanser (for glass) every alternative day.

The Floor at Last

Before you step out, rinse, swipe, and dry up the bathroom floor.


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