Park Slope Maids Summer Home Cleaning Services

Summer is here; time for vacation and sports for kids. The vibrant color of the historic brownstones of Park Slope, Brooklyn intensifies under the sunlight. However, summer is also the hottest season of the year. It brings all types of dust and pollutants inside your homes. While the kids enjoy their holiday, you are still out working two shifts per day, thus, making home cleaning an impossible task to achieve. Good thing My Diamond Maids Home Cleaning Services have Park Slope Maids available for summer home cleaning services.

Summer, like the rest of the seasons, brings a unique challenge to home cleaning. Dust is everywhere especially when the air is dry. Professional Park Slope maids know very well that it is important to keep your home spic and span during this hot season. My Diamond Maids provides a list of recommended Park Slope Maids Summer Home Cleaning Services.

Regular Cleaning Services

Dust can easily latch onto furniture, windows, and walls. Regular dusting equipment would do the trick. But it takes more to get those pesky dust off your home.

  • Surface furniture dusting
  • Inner window wiping (for all rooms)
  • Wiping of window blinds
  • Floor mopping
  • Wiping of door, doorknobs, and doorframe
  • Dusting of picture frames, mirrors, and wall portraits
  • Changing of bed sheets, blankets, and pillow cases

Intensive Cleaning Services

If regular dusting is not enough, you’ll need deep and rigorous cleaning service to remove dust and grime from hard-to-reach places.

  • Vacuum-cleaning for carpets, curtains, rugs, and doormats
  • Intensive furniture cleaning
  • Dusting of ventilation openings
  • Wiping of railings and banisters
  • Vacuum-cleaning of fallen hair and pet fur
  • Cleaning under the beds, living room and kitchen furniture

Other Cleaning Services

Park Slope Maids Summer Home Cleaning Services are not limited to removing dust alone. Dust is not your only adversary during summer. Other places in your home need attention as well.

  • Rinsing and drying of clothes, bed linens, and upholstery
  • Full bathroom cleaning
  • Scrubbing of kitchen tiles and sink
  • Disinfecting of toilets
  • Removal of trash from bin
  • Refrigerator cleaning and disinfecting
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances
  • Home organizing

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy vacation and indulge in outdoor activities. But with all the necessary home cleaning to do, you won’t get to relish this once-in-a-year opportunity to spend real vacation with your family. Entrust summer home cleaning to Park Slope maids. Rest-assured, the cleanliness of your home will be managed professionally.


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