How to Power Wash in Brooklyn

Pressure and power washing have become a popular way to keep your house clean. There is a small difference between the two. Pressure washing involves cold water under pressure while power washing offers an option of heating the water up.

Whether you need post construction cleaning in NYC or getting ready for a seasonal cleanup, power or NYC pressure washing may be your answer. While hiring maid services in NYC is easy, not many NYC house cleaning agencies offer power washing. Meanwhile, regular exterior cleanup has many advantages.

1. Fight The Allergies

Do you sneeze every time you go outside? You may suffer from allergies. The pollen settles on the patio, siding, walls, and doors of your home. Mold and mildew grow under the deck. The flowers might not be blooming anymore but your sneezing won’t go away. Power washing in Brooklyn can deal with the problem. The powerful stream just washes mold and pollen away.

2. Post Construction Cleaning

If you just finished renovating or building your home in Brooklyn, post construction cleaning is in order. The simplest way to make your home look brand new and squeaky clean is to hire a cleaning service in NYC that deals with power washing.

3. No Chemicals Needed

One of the greatest benefits of power washing in Dyker Heights or the area is the absence of chemicals. Some tough spots that can’t be washed away manually will disappear under a pressurized stream of water. You can save money on cleaning supplies and avoid allergies or other unpleasant reactions to chemicals. As a bonus, you keep the environment clean.

4. Affordability

Whether you need post construction cleaning in Dyker Heights or want to go through with a seasonal cleanup, the price is often the deciding factor. In most cases, power washing is an affordable service, which allows you to order it whenever you see fit.

5. Increased Curb Appeal

If you are planning to sell your house, power washing is definitely in order. A thorough cleaning of your home can increase its value by making it look much more attractive without cobwebs and mildew. A fresh and clean home is a key to a good real estate deal.

When Should You Power Wash Your Home?

Many people hire maids in NYC on a weekly basis but forget about the way their houses look from the outside. If you want to keep your house truly clean, you need to consider power cleaning at least once a year.

As soon as you see that the siding is dirty, the bird droppings cover the patio and sidewalks, mold and mildew appear under the deck, and gutters are stuffed with leaves, the time has come to do a thorough power cleaning.

The best season for power cleaning is the fall. Just make sure you manage to do it before the temperatures fall below freezing during the night. You can also do power cleaning in the spring to prep the house for the summer.


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