Diamond Maids presents Smart Decluttering in 6 Quick Steps. Did you know that having a messy home can damage your mood? It’s true! Sometimes we don’t even realize how much all our stuff weighs us down. But don’t worry; there’s an easy fix – declutter your space! Trust the maids; you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Smart Decluttering in 6 Quick Steps: Make A List

Make a list of rooms you need to deal with and things you should pay the most attention to. For example:

  • Living room (cupboard, corners, under the sofa)
  • Bedroom (closet, dresser, under the bed)
  • Basement (storerooms, boxes, corners)

Decide which room is the hardest to declutter and put it on your list. Then make a schedule. Allot two days for each room. Set the dates and keep them.


Smart Decluttering in 6 Quick Steps: Gathering storage supplies

Take a Garbage Bag

Take the largest garbage bag you can find and make it your goal to fill it up. House cleaning in Dyker Heights or other areas should start with a superficial declutter session. Walk around the house and collect things you don’t need. Don’t stop until the bag is full.

Bring Four Boxes

Come into each room with four boxes or bags. They should be labeled: “throw out,” “donate,” “keep,” and “move.” Whenever you look at something, think about which box it belongs to. If you make this a habit, your home stays decluttered. Pro tip: Any cleaning service would charge you less for a decluttered home.

Check Out The Closets

Decluttering your closet can be a challenging task. But if you create more space, you might not have to discard many items that have not been used in a year. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll use them in the next 12 months. Once you’re done, try a clothing experiment. Ensure that all hangers are facing the same direction. Whenever you wear an item, turn the hanger in the opposite direction. At the end of the experiment, you’ll be able to identify the clothes you never wear. This is a smart way to declutter.

Smart Decluttering in 6 Quick Steps: The Right Mindset

Adopt the right mindset – realize that you’re not just discarding things but determining what you need. Consider whether items you haven’t used in years could benefit someone, like a coat that could keep someone warm this winter or a spare coffee machine that could be gifted to a neighbor. Next, set a goal to declutter a certain number of items within the next year.

Afterward, conduct a clothing experiment by hanging all items in the same direction and turning them around after each wear. This will help you identify which items you never wear. Finally, if you choose to clean up yourself, you’ll find that it becomes much easier after the decluttering process is complete. Alternatively, consider hiring Diamond Maids to take care of the mess.


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